Doctor Who

Season 4 Episode 11

Turn Left

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jun 21, 2008 on BBC America
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While attending a carnival on the Chino-planet of Shan Shen, Donna is cajoled into having her fortune read, where her past is carefully examined. With the Doctor missing, Donna must work with Rose, a traveler from a parallel universe, to prevent darkness encompassing the whole of the universe.moreless

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  • Turn Left

    Turn Left was an awesome and brilliant episode of Doctor Who and I really enjoyed watching because the story's theme was a "what if Donna never met The Doctor" and it turned out great! It was nice to see some familiar faces in Donna's family and a Blonde from another universe. I liked the idea of the thing on the back and it was intriguing to see events from past episodes happen from a different perspective and with out the help of The Doctor. I liked the ending and I can't wait to watch the rest of the season!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • Is Donna Noble the biggest albatross around Dr. Who's neck, or what?

    Is Donna Noble the biggest albatross around Dr. Who's neck, or what?

    Rose Tyler and Martha Jones are valuable assets. They are gutsy, resourceful, and calm during a crisis. So are the Doctor's kickass daughter Jenny and the daring jewel thief Christine de Souza. Gwen Cooper is a similarly valuable asset to Captain Jack Harkness.

    Donna Noble on the other hand, seems to be the only person who succumbs to hysterics the moment anything unexpected happens. Instead of remaining calm and helping others deal with the problem, she goes into hysterics and forces Dr. Who to waste precious time calming her down.

    Get rid of her. Please.moreless
  • In the Top 5 of the entire Dr Who revival series.

    This has to be one of the best and moving episodes in the entire series.

    Catherine Tate pulled off the performence of the year with this emotional and exhillarating thriller.

    It also sets up a lot for the season finale which if I'm honest, it did it brilliantly.

    When Donna is in the circle of mirrors as she is going to go back in time, it is the most moving and emotional pieces of the series. The acting is outstanding and is one of my all-time favourite pieces of television.

    Also it's clever how they pulled pieces from other stories together and of course the return of Rose Tyler! I was estatic to see Billie back on Dr Who after 2 years.

    Brilliant episode, watch it!moreless
  • The wild Rose

    I love coincidences and destiny I think that thats part of our lives, the choices we made tha patch we take and the ones that we dont, the people we metand those who we wont ever met, thats whats this episode is, it is about how Donna is an important piece for the the Doctor and how she can affect the world.

    "Turn Left" is a marvelous episode written by the genius Russell T Davies who puts all the elements of the Doctor Who universe in one episode showing us a life without the Doctor and how everything revolves around one particular human: Donna.

    I really loved this episode, the intensity of the performance and how Catherine Tate carries the whole story upon her shoulders, this epidoes was all about Donna.

    I really liked the combination of the two companion Rose Tyler and Donna Noble and how Rosa helped Donna to understand that she is an important person to humanity.moreless
  • Boring, uneventful and a poorly written filler of an episode.

    Donna gets to see what the world would be like if the Doctor had never met her and things don't look pretty for the future of Earth. Whilst in this alternate reality Donna begins to feel things aren't quite right and is visited by some familiar faces to help her put things back on track and save the world once again.

    The episode was dull and contained little to do with anything other than to fill the space before the final episode. A quirky episode showing a 'What If...' scenario that showed no enthusiasm or passion; a poor effort for an episode so close to teh series finale.moreless
Joseph Long

Joseph Long

Rocco Colasanto

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Suzann McLean

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Marcia Lecky

Mooky Kahari

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Bernard Cribbins

Bernard Cribbins

Wilfred Mott

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Jacqueline King

Jacqueline King

Sylvia Noble

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • While many of the consequences of the Doctor's death are covered, the consequences of the Doctor not going to the past are ignored. If he died, he would have never gone to Pompeii, allowing the Pyrovile to conquer Earth and resulting in a paradox by preventing the Doctor from dying.

    • The tone ringing in the TARDIS at the end of the episode is the cloister bell, an alarm bell first heard in Logopolis in the classic series, and last heard in Last of the Time Lords in the current series.

    • In Voyage of the Damned the Doctor said that the Titanic crashing into Earth would kill everyone on the planet. However here it only destroys southern England.

    • Sarah-Jane Smith, last mentioned in "The Girl in the Fireplace" was mentioned in this episode, she is said to have died in the Hospital when the Judoon transported it to the moon, also mentioned to have died are Maria, Luke and Clyde from the spin off The Sarah Jane Adventures, as well as Martha Jones.

    • This episode marks the first mention in Doctor Who of Gwen Cooper and Ianto Jones, two members of Captain Jack's team from Torchwood. Captain Jack previously made a reference to his team in The Sound of Drums, but without mentioning their names.

    • The episode recounts many of the present day events since Donna's introduction, including the Racnoss Webstar from The Runaway Bride, the Hospital on the Moon from Smith and Jones, the Titanic falling to Earth from Voyage of the Damned, the Adipose incident from Partners in Crime and the Sontaran invasion from The Sontaran Stratagem and The Poison Sky.

  • QUOTES (18)

    • Fortune Teller: I see, a man, the most remarkable man. How did you meet him?
      Donna: You're supposed to tell me.
      Fortune Teller: I see the future, tell me the past. When did your lives cross?
      Donna: It's sort of complicated. I ended up in his spaceship on my wedding day. Long story.

    • Fortune Teller: Turn right and never meet that man. Turn right and change the world!

    • Captain Mogambo: (saluting) Ma'am.
      Rose: I told you, don't salute.
      Captain Mogambo: Well, if you're not going to tell us your name.
      Donna: What, you don't know either?
      Rose: I've crossed too many different realities. Trust me, the wrong word in the wrong place can change an entire causal nexus.
      Captain Mogambo: She talks like that. A lot.

    • Wilfred: Honestly, you two. There's aliens on the news. They took that hospital all the way to the moon, and you're banging on about raffle tickets!
      Donna: Don't be daft, Gramps. It wasn't the moon. It couldn't be.
      Wilfred: Yes, well, I am telling you it is getting worse. These past few years, it is like all of a sudden they suddenly know all about us. There's keen eyes up there and they're watching us and they're not friendly!

    • Rose: What happened? What did they find? Sorry, did they find someone?
      Donna: I dunno. A bloke called the Doctor or something.
      Rose: Where is he?
      Donna: They took him away. He's dead. I'm sorry, did you know him? I mean, they didn't say his name. Could be any doctor.
      Rose: I came so far.
      Donna: It could be anyone.
      Rose: What's your name?
      Donna: Donna. And you?
      Rose: Oh, I was just… passing by. I shouldn't even be here. This is wrong. This is wrong. This is so wrong.

    • UNIT Command: Trap 1 to Greyhound 15. What is your report? Over.
      UNIT Soldier: The evidence says he managed to stop the creature. Some sort of red spider. Blew up the base under the barrier, flooded the whole thing. Over.
      UNIT Command: And where is he now? Over.
      UNIT Soldier: We found a body, sir. Over.
      UNIT Command: Is it him? Over.
      UNIT Soldier: I think so. He just didn't make it out in time. The Doctor is dead. Must have happened too fast for him to regenerate.

    • Sylvia: Oh, I know why you want a job with HC Clements, lady. 'Cause you think you'll meet a man with lots of money and your whole life will change. Well, let me tell you, sweetheart, city executives don't need temps except for practice.
      Donna: Yeah, well, they haven't met me.

    • Donna: (as Rocco is taken to one of Britain's new 'labour camps') It'll be quiet with him gone. Still, we'll have more room...
      Wilfred: (in tears and horrified) Labour camps... that's what they called them the last time.
      Donna: Wha'd you mean?
      Wilfred: It's happening again...
      Donna: What is?

    • Donna: (regarding the Doctor) If he was so special, what's he doing with me?
      Rose: He thought you were brilliant.
      Donna: Don't be stupid.
      Rose: But you are. It just took the Doctor to show you that. Simply by being with him. He did the same to me. To everyone he touches.

    • Rose: Something's coming, Donna. Something worse.
      Donna: The whole world is stinking. What could be worse than this?
      Rose: Trust me we need The Doctor more than ever. I've been pulled across from a different universe because every single universe is in danger. It's coming Donna. It's coming from across the stars and nothing can stop it.
      Donna: What is?
      Rose: The darkness.
      Donna: Well what do you keep telling me for? What am I supposed to do?

    • Donna: You're always wearing the same clothes. Why won't you tell me your name?
      Rose: None of this was meant to happen. There was a man. This wonderful man and he stopped it. The Titanic, the Adipose, the ATMOS. He stopped them all from happening.
      Donna: That Doctor?
      Rose: You knew him.
      Donna: Did I? When?
      Rose: I think you dream about him sometimes. It's a man in a suit. Tall, thin man, great hair. Some really great hair.

    • Wilfred: Sweetheart, come on. You're not gonna make the world any better by shouting at it.
      Donna: I can try.

    • Rose: It feeds off time, by changing time, by making someone's life take a different turn. Like meetings never made, children never born, a life never loved. But with you, it's…
      Donna: But I never did anything important!
      Rose: Yeah, you did. One day, that thing made you turn right instead of left.
      Donna: When was that?
      Rose: Oh, you wouldn't remember, it was the most ordinary day in the world. But by turning right, you never met the Doctor and the whole world just changed around you.
      Donna: Can you get rid of it?
      Rose: No, I can't even touch it. It seems to be in a state of flux.
      Donna: What does that mean?
      Rose: Dunno. Sort of thing the Doctor would say.
      Donna: You liar! You told me I was special! But it's not me, it's this thing. I'm just a host!
      Rose: No, it's more than that. The readings are strange, it's like reality is bending around you.
      Donna: Because of this thing!
      Rose: No, no. We're getting separate readings from you and they've always been there. Since the day you were born.
      Captain Mogambo: This is not relevant to the mission.
      Rose: I thought it was just the Doctor we needed but it's the both of you. The Doctor and Donna Noble together, to stop the stars from going out.

    • Rose: Just remember: when you get to the junction, change the car's direction by one minute past ten.
      Donna: How do I do that?
      Rose: That's up to you.
      Donna: Well, I just have to run up to myself and have a good argument.
      Rose: I'd like to see that!

    • Captain Mogambo: Activate lodestone.
      Rose: Good luck.
      Donna: I'm ready.
      Rose: One minute past ten.
      Donna: 'Cause I understand now. You said I was gonna die, but you mean this whole world is gonna blink out of existence. But that's not dying, 'cause a better world is gonna take its place – the Doctor's world. And I'm still alive. That's right, isn't it? I don't die. If I change things, then I don't die. That's… that's right, isn't it?
      Rose: I'm sorry.
      Donna: But I can't die! I've got a future! With the Doctor! You told me!

    • Donna: Can't remember, it's slipping away. You know, like when you try to think of a dream and it just sort of goes…
      The Doctor: Just got lucky, this thing. It's one of the Trickster's Brigade. Changes a life in tiny little ways. Most time the universe just compensates around it, but you… great big parallel world.
      Donna: Hold on, you said parallel worlds are sealed off.
      The Doctor: They are, but you had one created around you. Funny thing is, seems to be happening a lot to you.
      Donna: How do you mean?
      The Doctor: Well, the Library, and then this.
      Donna: Just goes with the job, I suppose.
      The Doctor: Sometimes I think there's way too much coincidence around you, Donna. I met you once, then I met your grandfather, then I met you again. In the whole wide universe, I met you for a second time. It's like something's binding us together.

    • Donna: Don't be so daft, I'm nothing special.
      The Doctor: Yes you are, you're brilliant.
      (Flashback to earlier conversation with Rose)
      Rose: He thought you were brilliant.
      (Back to Donna and the Doctor)
      Donna: She said that.
      The Doctor: Who did?
      Donna: The woman... Oh, I can't remember...
      The Doctor: Ah well, she never existed now.
      Donna: No but she said.. the stars... she said the stars are going out.
      The Doctor: But that world's gone.
      Donna: No but she said it was all worlds... every world. She said the darkness is coming, even here.
      The Doctor: Who was she?
      Donna: I don't know...
      The Doctor: What did she look like?
      Donna: She was... (pauses to to think about Rose) blonde.
      The Doctor: What was her name?
      Donna: I don't know...
      The Doctor: (slightly frantic)Donna, what was her name?
      Donna: (Thinking) But she told me, to warn you. She said two words...
      The Doctor: What two words, what were they? What did she say?
      Donna: ...Bad Wolf.

    • Donna: Doctor what is it, what's Bad Wolf?
      The Doctor: It's the end of the universe!

  • NOTES (6)

    • Billie Piper revealed in interviews that she had forgotten how to play Rose, so in preparation for her return, she watched the entire of Series one and two to get a feel for the character.

    • Lachele Carl's character has appeared in numerous Doctor Who episodes, always credited as US Newsreader or Reporter. This episode marks the first time she is given a credited name, Trinity Wells, although she did appear to have the name Mal Loup (fr. Bad Wolf) in the online BBC American News Reports feed from the episode World War Three.

    • The song that the housemates in Leeds were singing late at night, before Donna entered the room, is called The Wild Rover, a traditional Irish folk song.

    • Chipo Chung who played the fortune teller appeared in an earlier episode of Doctor Who; in the episode Utopia she played the insect woman Chantho.

    • Overnight UK viewing figures for this episode were 7.0 million, with the final viewing figure at 8.09 million.

    • International Airdates:
      United States: 18 July 2008
      Australia: 14 September 2008
      New Zealand: 21 September 2008
      Turkey: 17 April 2011


    • Evil of the Daleks:

      The TARDIS-powered mirrors used to send Donna back in time is a clear allusion to the mirrors that Theodore Maxtible and Edward Waterfield use to create a time portal from the 1967 Dr Who story 'Evil of the Daleks'.

    • Planet of the Spiders:

      The invisible beetle on Donna's back is a clear allusion to the invisible spider on Sarah-Jane's back from the 1973 Dr Who story 'Planet of the Spiders'.

    • Coronation Street:

      Donna Noble shouts at a woman in the street calling her 'Vera Duckworth', Vera is a character in the popular British soap opera 'Coronation Street'.

    • The Sarah Jane Adventures:

      The Doctor refers to the enemy as being part of "the Trickster's Brigade". The Trickster was a time-altering villain featured in the two part "Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?" storyline in "The Sarah Jane Adventures". He changed history, causing Sarah Jane to drown at age thirteen, and fed on the chaos caused by her absence.

    • Queen - "Bohemian Rhapsody"

      When Donna discovers Wilfred singing with the rest of the refugees she joins them and they begin to sing this Queen hit.