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Season 3 Episode 11


Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jun 16, 2007 on BBC America
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Location: Malcassairo
Date: The Year 100 Trillion
Enemies: Futurekind, The Master

After being brought back to life in The Parting of the Ways, Captain Jack Harkness was just left on the Gamestation by the Doctor and Rose. In this episode, Captain Jack Harkness storms back into the Doctor's life, and the TARDIS is thrown to the end of the universe itself.moreless

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  • Utopia

    Utopia was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Doctor Who. I really enjoyed watching because the story was well written, the acting was awesome and there was lots of character and plot development. It was interesting to watch The Doctor and Martha find Jack Harkness outside the TARDIS. I liked the story and it was fun watching the characters in action. It was intriguing to see the words of The Face of Bo come to light and learn of whom he spoke. The ending was suspenseful and I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • Who knew the End of the Universe could be so boring and just a prop piece for the return of an old enemy?

    Gotta admit, I wasn't too crazy with this story because basically there wasn't one. The characters were all great especially Derek Jacobi's Professor/Master but the story they were in was rather 2 dimensional, lifeless, and extremely vague.

    I'd have thought the Year 100 Trillion would be a bit more intriguing and humans would have had better tailors and not be using chain link fences and bullets by that time. Serious lack of imagination here.

    We have some surviving humans living in fear of futurekind (bad name) which are people with sharp teeth and bad attitudes. We have some remnant humans who are living in the hope of some place called Utopia where humans could survive the collapse of the universe. There's a rocket that can't fly until the Doctor sizes things up in about less than a minute and solves the problem - there's too much of this in the new Doctor Who at times: problems solved with a flick of the wrist or sonic screwdriver.

    What I like most was simply the interaction among the characters. I just wished they had a better story backdrop to work with.moreless
  • Utterly excellent stuff that only Doctor Who can do.

    This episode was a pure joy to watch. Endless tension, exceptional charecter development, Excellent twists, and superb acting.

    This episode is certainly a personal favorite, everything it did was why I enjoy the show as much as I do.

    Naturally the return of Jack was highly anticipated. Thankfully they executed it well. His enterance was definatly OTT, but it nicely set the tone of the episode; that were gonna have a lot of fun. Being able to dramaticaly change the tone episode to episode is what make DW a joy, and this was much welcomed after the serious tone of the serveral excellent episode before it.

    The return of the master was executed perfectly, the tie ins with the stop watch was excellent, and a jaw-dropping moment, if you were lucky to not see it coming! Even more draw-dropping if on top of that you also didn't realise it would turn out to be the master!

    The effects department had a depreesing drop in quality on the rocket (in the silo), but this niggle isn't really worth being to critical over: Like with many episodes, in term of sets and effects DW is as about as ambitious as TV gets anywhere. This episode is definatly in that catagory.moreless
  • A Brilliant episode in series 3!

    This episode begins with the TARDIS landing in Cardiff with a familiar face sprinting towards it. The doctor refuels the TARDIS and then sets off whilst the figure leaps onto the side of the TARDIS. They end up at the end of the universe where the Doctor and Martha find Captain Jack Harkness lying dead on the floor. He gives martha a shock when he jumps up again. Together the three off them end up being chased into a base. There they find a desperate professor Yana trying to get the rocket to work. This episode ends with a shock twist of events and an intriguing cliff hanger!moreless
  • Captain Jack is back... and it's about time.

    The best part of this episode with so many good parts to it? The return of Captain Jack Harkness to the show. Not only that, either. For Jack, it's a return to his season one form, a sly, cocky, good looking man who knows it and will shamelessly flirt with each and every creature the universe has seemed fit to create. He's finally found his Doctor again and it's about time. The Doctor is a little less happy to see him than I would imagine most of the fans are, but even with a bit of the tension here (which we thankfully get an explanation for) the dialogue we get between them is fast and funny, fitting to the good captain whom we've missed since the first year. Of course, there's much more to this episode than Jack's return. It's the end of the universe as we know it, and there's no restaurant in sight! And we get a guest spot by renowned actor Derek Jacobi, playing the professor who's hoping to give the human race one last chance even as the universe itself draws to a close. The mystery surrounding him and his character are intriguing, but the twist coming at the end, well I'm guessing that many Who fans (who weren't spoiled) were pleased to see that. It's a game changing episode and as the year comes to a close, the threads we've hinted at leading up to here will be tying together. It'll be fun to see.moreless
Derek Jacobi

Derek Jacobi

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (13)

    • As can be seen when Captain Jack enters the irradiated chamber, one hundred trillion years into the future, humanity is still using the QWERTY keyboard.

    • The Professor states that he was found as a child on the Silver Devastation. In The End Of The World, this is stated as being the home of the Face of Boe.

    • According to the commentary for this episode, the Professor's attire (white shirt, waistcoat, etc.) was supposed to be an homage to William Hartnell, the original Doctor.

    • The watch that the Professor has is identical to the watch John Smith had in Human Nature and The Family Of Blood.

    • Reference is made to Boom Town, when the Doctor mentions 'trouble with the Slitheen' and being 'a different man' (he was in his ninth incarnation at that point).

    • The Doctor notices that the rift in Cardiff has been active recently. This ties in to End of Days (the series final of Torchwood) where the Rift was opened.

    • In the last episode of Torchwood, the TARDIS appears in the Torchwood headquarters, and Jack walks towards it, then it disappears. In this episode, however, it appears outside, and Jack runs towards the TARDIS with a backpack.

    • It is not revealed in this episode if Utopia is real or not.

    • In this episode we see the Master regenerate as a normal Time Lord would, although it is established in the old run that the Master is out of regeneration and can no longer regenerate normally. This is solved in the following episode The Sound Of Drums, where the Master explains that the Time Lords resurrected him as he was the perfect warrior for a timewar.

    • The Master is another villain from the original Doctor Who series to return. Others that have returned are the Daleks, Cybermen, Autons, and Macra.

    • The Professor's name, Yana, is an acronym of the Face of Boa's last words, "You are not alone". This is a clue to the fact that the Professor is the other Time Lord that the Face of Boe was talking about.

    • Captain Jack managed to obtain The Doctor's hand after it fell to earth from the spaceship. Considering the height it fell, it might have been expected that an organic body part would be destroyed on impact with the ground.

    • This is Derek Jacobi's third involvement in Doctor Who, although his first on screen. He has previously performed in the audio drama Deadline- as a screenwriter who believes he is the Doctor- and also voiced a robot version of the Master in the webcast Scream Of The Shalka (in which David Tennant also took a small role).

  • QUOTES (30)

    • Captain Jack: [while running to save a human from the Futurekind] Oh, I've missed this!

    • The Professor: The Doctor? (points to jack)
      The Doctor: That's me.
      The Professor: Good, good, good, good good good good good good!
      The Doctor: It's good apparently.

    • The Doctor: The rift bleeds energy. Every now and then I need to open up the engines and soak up the energy and use it as fuel.
      Martha: So it's a pit stop!
      The Doctor: Exactly. It should only take 20 seconds. The rift's been active.

    • The Professor: The call came from across the stars, over and over again. 'Come to Utopia'. Originating from that point.
      The Doctor: Where is that?
      The Professor: Oh, it's far beyond the condensed wilderness, out towards the wildlands and the dark matter reefs, calling us in. The last of the humans scattered across the night.
      The Doctor: What do you think's out there?
      The Professor: We can't know. A colony? A city? Some sort of haven? The science foundation created the Utopia project thousands of years ago to preserve mankind, to find a way of surviving beyond the collapse of reality itself. Perhaps they found it. Perhaps not, but it's worth a look, don't you think?
      The Doctor: Oh yes.

    • The Master: (after being mortally wounded by Chantho) Killed by an insect. A girl. How inappropriate. Still, if the Doctor can be young and strong, then so can I. The Master, reborn!
      (The Master regenerates)

    • The Master: Did you never think, all those years standing beside me, to ask about that watch? Never? Did you never once think, not ever, that you could set me free?
      Chantho: Chan, I'm sorry, tho! Chan, I'm so sorry!
      The Master: You… with your chan and your tho, driving me insane!
      Chantho: Chan, Professor, please…
      The Master: THAT IS NOT MY NAME! The Professor was an invention; so perfect a disguise that I forgot who I am.
      Chantho: Chan, then who are you, tho?!?
      The Master: I… am… the Master!
      (The Master electrocutes Chantho)

    • The Professor: Time travel. They say there was time travel back in the old days. I never believed… but what would I know, stupid old man. Never could keep time. Always late, always lost. (drawing a fob watch from his pocket) Even this thing never worked.
      (flashback to Human Nature, where the Doctor explains to Martha about the watch and becoming human)
      The Professor: Time and time and time again, always running out on me.
      Martha: Can I have a look at that?
      The Professor: It's only an old relic. Like me.
      Martha: Where did you get it?
      The Professor: Hm? I was found with it.
      Martha: What do you mean?
      The Professor: An orphan in the storm. I was a naked child, found on the coast of the Silver Devastation. Abandoned, with only this.
      Martha: Have you ever opened it?
      The Professor: Why would I? It's broken.
      Martha: How do you know it's broken if you've never opened it?
      The Professor: It's stuck. It's old. It's not meant to be. I don't know.
      (Martha turns the watch over to reveal the same design that was on the Doctor's watch)

    • The Doctor: When did you realise?
      Captain Jack: Earth, 1892. Got in a fight on Ellis Island. Man shot me through the heart, then I woke up. Thought it was kind of strange, but then it never stopped: fell off a cliff, trampled by horses, World War I, World War II, poison, starvation, a stray javelin…
      The Doctor: Ooh.
      Captain Jack: In the end, I got the message. I'm the man who can never die, and all that time you knew.
      The Doctor: That's why I left you behind. It's not easy even just… just looking at you, Jack, cos you're wrong.
      Captain Jack: Thanks.
      The Doctor: You are. I can't help it. I'm a Time Lord. It's instinct; it's in my guts. You're a fixed point in time and space; you're a fact. That's never meant to happen. Even the TARDIS reacted against you, tried to shake you off. Flew all the way to the end of the universe just to get rid of you.
      Captain Jack: So what you're saying is… you're prejudiced?
      The Doctor: I never thought of it like that.
      Captain Jack: Shame on you.
      The Doctor: Yeah.
      Captain Jack: Last thing I remember, back when I was mortal, I was facing three Daleks, death by extermination and then I came back to life. What happened?
      The Doctor: Rose.
      Captain Jack: I thought you'd sent her back home.
      The Doctor: She came back. Opened the heart of the TARDIS and absorbed the time vortex itself.
      Captain Jack: What does that mean, exactly?
      The Doctor: No-one's ever meant to have that power. If a Time Lord did that, he'd become a god. A vengeful god. But she was human.
      (flashback to Rose returning- in The Parting Of The Ways- and bringing Jack back to life)
      The Doctor: Everything she did was so human. She brought you back to life, but she couldn't control it. She brought you back forever. That's something, I suppose. The final act of the Time War was life.
      Captain Jack: Do you think she could change me back?
      The Doctor: I took the power out of her. She's gone, Jack. She's not just living on a parallel world. She's trapped there. The walls have closed.
      Captain Jack: I'm sorry.
      The Doctor: Yeah.
      Captain Jack: I went back to her estate in the Nineties, just once or twice, watched her growing up. Never said hello, time lines and all that.
      The Doctor: Do you want to die?
      Captain Jack: This one's a little stuck.
      The Doctor: Jack.
      Captain Jack: I thought I did. I don't know, but this lot, you see them out here surviving and that's fantastic.
      The Doctor: You might be out there somewhere.
      Captain Jack: I could go meet myself.
      The Doctor: Well, the only man you're ever going to be happy with.
      Captain Jack: This new regeneration, it's kinda cheeky.

    • Martha: The Doctor sort of travels through time and space and picks people up. God, I make us sound like stray dogs. Maybe we are.
      The Professor: He… travels in time?
      Martha: Don't ask me to explain it. That's a TARDIS, that box thing. The sports car of time travel, he says.

    • The Professor: It's just a headache. It's just… this noise inside my head, Doctor. Constant noise inside my head.
      The Doctor: What sort of noise?
      The Professor: It's the sound of drums. More and more, as though… it's getting closer.
      The Doctor: When did it start?
      The Professor: I've had it all my life, every waking hour. Still, no rest for the wicked.

    • The Doctor: You built this system out of food and string and staples. Professor Yana, you're a genius.
      The Professor: Says the man who made it work.
      The Doctor: Oh, it's easy coming in at the end, but you're stellar. This is… this is magnificent, and I don't often that 'cos… well, 'cos of me.
      The Professor: Even my title is an affectation. There hasn't been such a thing as a university for over a thousand years. I've spent my life going from one refugee ship to another.
      The Doctor: If you'd been born in a different time, you'd be revered. (The Professor laughs) I mean it. Throughout the galaxies.
      The Professor: Oh, those damn galaxies. They had to go and collapse. Some admiration would have been nice. Just a little, just once.
      The Doctor: Well, you have it now. That footprint engine thing… you can't activate it from onboard. It's got to be done from here. You're staying behind.
      The Professor: With Chantho. She won't leave without me. She simply refuses.
      The Doctor: You'd give your life so they could fly?
      The Professor: I think I'm a little too old for Utopia. Time I had some sleep.

    • Martha: What do you think it's going to be like in Utopia?
      Creet: My Mum used to say the sky was made of diamonds.

    • (The Doctor gets the mechanism to work)
      The Professor: How did you do that?
      The Doctor: Oh, we've been chatting away, I forgot to tell you. I'm brilliant!

    • The Doctor: That rocket's not going to fly, is it? This footprint mechanism thing. It's not working.
      The Professor: We'll find a way.
      The Doctor: You're stuck on this planet, and you haven't told them, have you? That lot out there, they still think they're going to fly.
      The Professor: Well, it's better to let them live in hope.
      The Doctor: Quite right too.

    • Captain Jack: (introducing himself to Chantho) Captain Jack Harkness.
      The Doctor: Stop it!
      Captain Jack: Can't I say hello to anyone?
      Chantho: Chan, I do not protest, tho.
      Captain Jack: Maybe later, blue. (winks at her)

    • The Doctor: (as they walk through the refugee ship) The ripe old smell of humans. You survive. Oh, you might have spent a million years evolving into clouds of gas and another million as downloads, but you always revert to the same basic shape. The fundamental human. End of the universe and here you are. Indomitable, that's the word. Indomitable!

    • (The Doctor, Martha and Jack look at the remains of Malcassairo)
      Martha: What killed it?
      The Doctor: Time. Just time. Everything's dying now. All the great civilisations have gone. This isn't just night, all the stars have burnt out and faded away, to nothing.
      Captain Jack: They must have an atmospheric shell. We should be frozen to death.
      The Doctor: Well… Martha and I, maybe. Not so sure about you, Jack.
      Martha: But what about the people. Does no one survive?
      The Doctor: I suppose… We have to hope. Life will find a way.

    • Martha: Wait a minute, they had an earthquake in Cardiff a year ago. Was that you?
      The Doctor: A bit of trouble with the Slitheen. Long time ago, a lifetime. I was a different man back then.

    • (Jack undresses before entering the radiation room)
      The Doctor: What're you taking your clothes off for?
      Captain Jack: I'm going in!
      The Doctor: Well from the looks of it I'd say the stet radiation doesn't affect clothing, only flesh.
      Captain Jack: Well, I look good though.

    • The Doctor: Strikes me Professor you've got a room that no man can enter without dying. Is that correct?
      Professor: Yes.
      The Doctor: Well... (Jack gasps back into life on the floor) ...I think I've got just the man.
      Captain Jack: (breathless) Was someone kissing me?

    • The Master: Hahaha! Now then, Doctor... ooh new voice! Hello! Hello! Hello... Anyway, why don't we stop and have a nice little chat while I tell you all my plans and you can work out a way to stop me, I don't think.
      Martha: Hold on, I know that voice!
      The Doctor: I'm asking you really, properly, just stop, just think.
      The Master: Use my name.
      The Doctor: Master... I'm sorry.
      The Master: Tough!

    • Martha: So, how long have you been with the professor?
      Chantho: Chan, 17 years, tho.
      Martha: Blimy, long time.
      Chantho: Chan, I adore him, tho.
      Martha: Oh right, and he...
      Chantho: Chan, I don't think he even notices, tho.
      Martha: Tell me about it.
      Chantho: Chan, but I am happy to serve, tho.
      Martha: Do you mind if I ask, but do you have to start every sentence with 'chan'?
      Chantho: Chan, yes, tho.
      Martha: And end every sentence with...
      Chantho: Chan, tho, tho.
      Martha: What would happen if you didn't?
      Chantho: Chan, that would be rude, tho!
      Martha: What, like, swearing?
      Chantho: Chan, indeed, tho.
      Martha: Go on, just once!
      Chantho: Chan, I can't, tho!
      Martha: Oh do it for me!
      Chantho: No.
      (Chantho and Martha giggle)

    • Captain Jack: So what about those things outside, the beastie-boys, what are they?
      The Professor: We call them the Futurekind, which is a myth in itself, but it's feared that they are what we will become, unless we reach Utopia.
      The Doctor: And Utopia is?
      The Professor: Every human knows of Utopia, where have you been?
      The Doctor: Bit of a hermit.
      The Professor: A hermit, err, with friends...
      The Doctor: Hermits United. We meet up every 10 years, swap stories about caves, it's good fun. For a hermit. So, um, Utopia?

    • The Professor: Might I ask, what species are you?
      The Doctor: Timelord, last of. (pause) Heard of them? Legend, or anything? (pause) Not even a myth? Blimey, end of the universe is a bit humbling.
      Chantho: Chan, it is said that I am the last of my species too, tho.
      The Doctor: Sorry, what was your name?
      The Professor: My assistant, and good friend, Chantho. A survivor of the Malmooth, this was their planet, Malcosero, before we took refuge.
      The Doctor: The city outside, that was yours?
      Chantho: Chan, the conglomeration died, tho.
      The Doctor: Conglomeration, that's what I said!
      Captain Jack: You're supposed to say sorry.
      The Doctor: Oh, yes. Sorry.
      Chantho: Chan, most grateful, tho.

    • Martha: Oh, my, GOD! You've got a hand! A hand in a jar! A hand, in jar, in your bag!
      The Doctor: What the... the... that's my hand!
      Captain Jack: I said I had a Doctor detector.
      Chantho: Chan, is this a tradition amongst your people, tho?
      Martha: Not on my street! What do you mean that's your hand, you've got both your hands, I can see them!
      The Doctor: Long story. I lost my hand, Christmas day, in a sword fight.
      (flashback to Sycorax leader cutting off the Doctor's hand)
      Marhta: What, and you grew another hand?
      The Doctor: Um, yeah, I did yeah. Hello (wiggles fingers of new hand).

    • Captain Jack: So there I was, stranded in the year 200100, ankle deep in Dalek dust, and he goes off without me. But I had this: (shows Martha wristband) I used to be a time agent. It's called a vortex manipulator, he's not the only one who can time travel.
      The Doctor: Oh, excuse me, that is not time travel. It's like, I've got a sports car, you've got a space hopper.
      Martha: Oh, ho-ho, boys and their toys!
      Captain Jack: Alright, so I bounced. I thought "the 21st century, the best place to find the Doctor", except I got it a little wrong, arrived in 1869, this thing burnt out so it was useless.
      The Doctor: Told you.
      Captain Jack: I had to live through the entire 20th century waiting for a version of you that would coincide with me.
      Martha: But that makes you more than 100 years old.
      Captain Jack: ...and looking good, don't you think? So, I went to the time rift, based myself there, 'cause I knew you'd come back to re-fuel, until finally, I got a signal on this detecting you and here we are!
      Martha: But the thing is, how come you left him behind, Doctor?
      The Doctor: I was busy.
      Martha: Is that what happens though, seriously? You just get bored of us one day and disappear?
      Captain Jack: Not if you're blond.
      Martha: Oh she was blond, oh what a suprise!
      The Doctor: You two, we're at the end of the universe, eh? Right at the edge of knowledge itself, and you're busy ... blogging!

    • (Martha notices Captain Jack on the ground)
      Martha: Oh my God! (rushes over, tries to take pulse) Can't get a pulse... Hold on, you've got that medical kit thing... (rushes into TARDIS)
      The Doctor: Hello again. Oh, I'm sorry. (looks away).
      Martha: Here we go - get out the way! It's a bit odd, though, not very hundred trillion, that coat's more like World War Two.
      The Doctor: I think he came with us.
      Martha: How d'you mean, from Earth?
      The Doctor: Must've been clinging to the outside of the TARDIS. All the way through the vortex, well, that's very him.
      Martha: What, do you know him?
      The Doctor: Friend of mine. Use to travel with me, back in the old days.
      Martha: But he's... I'm sorry, there's no heartbeat, there's nothing. He's dead. (Captain Jack takes a huge breath and sits up: Martha screams) Well, so much for me! It's alright, just, breath deep, I've got you...
      Captain Jack: Captain Jack Harkness, and who are you?
      Martha: Martha Jones.
      Captain Jack: Nice to meet you, Martha Jones...
      The Doctor: Oh don't start!
      Captain Jack: I was only saying hello...
      Martha: I don't mind.
      (Captain Jack stands up, and faces the Doctor)
      Captain Jack: Doctor.
      The Doctor: Captain.
      Captain Jack: Good to see you.
      The Doctor: And you. Same as ever, although, have you had work done?
      Captain Jack: You can talk!
      The Doctor: Oh, yes, the face. Regeneration. How did you know this was me?
      Captain Jack: The Police Box kinda gives it away. I've been following you for a long time. You abandoned me.
      The Doctor: Did I? Busy life, moving on...
      Captain Jack: Just gotta ask, Battle of Canary Wharf. I saw the list of the dead. It said Rose Tyler.
      The Doctor: Oh no, sorry! She's alive!
      Captain Jack: You're kidding!
      The Doctor: Parallel world, safe and sound! And Mickey, and her mother!
      Captain Jack: Oh yes! (he embraces the Doctor)
      Martha: (to herself) Good old Rose.

    • The Doctor: Well, we've landed.
      Martha: So what's out there?
      The Doctor: I dunno.
      Martha: Heh, say that again, that's rare.
      The Doctor: Not even the Time Lords came this far. We should leave. We should go, we should really, really ... go.
      (The Doctor smiles at Martha and they both run out of the TARDIS)

    • (via intercom)
      Lieutenant Atillo: Professor Yana, I don't want to rush you, but how are we doing?
      The Professor: Ahh, yes, working, yes, almost there.
      Lieutenant Atillo: How's it looking on the footprint?
      The Professor: It's good, yes, fine, excellent... (looks to Chantho to take over)
      Chantho: Chan, there's no problem, as such. We've accelerated the calculation matrix, but it's going to take time to harmonise, tho. Chan, we're trying a new reversal process; we'll have a definite result in approximatly two hours, tho. (Notices the Professor - he has started shaking slightly, and seems extremely scared. There is a non-diegetic sound of drums) Chan, Professor, tho? Chan, Professor Yana, tho! Chan, Professor, tho...

    • The Professor: There's movement, on the surface. Another human, God help him.
      Chantho: Chan, should I alert the guards, tho?
      The Professor: No, no, we can't spare them. The begger's on his own. One more lost soul, dreaming of Utopia.
      Chantho: Chan, you mustn't talk as though you've given up, tho.
      The Professor: No, no, indeed. (raises his mug) Here's to it: Utopia. Well it is to be hoped that the coffee is a little less sour. Will you join me?
      Chantho: Ah, chan, I am happy drinking my own internal milk, tho.
      The Professor: Yes, well, that's quite enough information thank you.

  • NOTES (13)

    • International Airdates:
      Turkey: January 9, 2011 on CNBC-e

    • Parts of this episode were filmed using the same location (a disused paper mill in Wales) for The Impossible Planet and The Satan Pit, albeit a different area within that location.

    • The opening scene was filmed in Cardiff Bay by the Wales Millennium Centre and Roald Dahl Plass. This has been shown before in Doctor Who in the episode Boom Town as well as extensively in Torchwood (as the Torchwood Hub is based beneath the Plass).

    • According to the episode commentary, John Barrowman refused to use a stuntman in the scene where he leaps onto the TARDIS before it engaged.

    • Jack says that when he went back in time to search for the Doctor he ended up in 1869. This is ironic because the Doctor (at the time played by Christopher Eccleston) and Rose visited 1869 in episode 3, series 1, "The Unquiet Dead" and they were in Cardiff, the city that Jack later made his home. That's how close Jack came to meeting them.

    • Overnight viewing figures for this episode were 7.3 million, with a final viewing figure of 7.84 million.

    • This episode contains clips from The Parting of the Ways, The Christmas Invasion, Human Nature and Gridlock. It also features dialogue from The Daemons spoken by Roger Delgado, the first actor to play the Master, and the trademark chuckle of Anthony Ainley, who portrayed The Master for eight years during the 1980s. A soundbite of the Master struggling with the eighth Doctor, from the television Movie, is also heard.

    • This episode was not announced to be part of a three-parter until the Totally Doctor Who episode the previous day.

    • Sir Derek Jacobi has also played an android version of The Master in the audioplay, Scream Of The Shalka.

    • This is the first appearance of the Master since the Doctor Who television movie The Enemy Within.

    • In this episode John Barrowman (Captain Jack Harkness) is credited during the opening titles.

    • Sir Derek Jacobi is the first Knight of the Realm to have acted in Doctor Who although it's not his first connection with the series, it is his first appearance on screen.

    • John Bell, who played Creet, won a competition run by Blue Peter to appear in this episode.


    • Captain Jack: So what about those things outside, the beastie-boys?
      The Beastie Boys are a musical group from New York, who have enjoyed over 20 years of international critical acclaim and commercial success. The name 'Beastie' originally stood for "Boys Entering Anarchistic States Towards Internal Excellence". They are one of the longest-lived hip-hop acts. Their biggest hits include 'Fight For Your Right (To Party)', 'Sabotage'and 'Intergalactic'.

    • The savage look of the Futurekind, combined with the time setting of the story, is an allusion to H. G. Wells's novel The Time Machine. In fact, in Doctor Who Confidential, Russell T. Davies mentions the influence of Mad Max in the look of the Futurekind.

    • The title 'Utopia' refers to the 1516 book written by Sir Thomas More (1478-1535) which describes an imaginary island that holds a perfect social, legal and political system where all evils of society have been removed.

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