Doctor Who

Season 5 Episode 10

Vincent and the Doctor

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jun 05, 2010 on BBC America

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  • Under a full night sky two travellers walk the rounded cobblestones of a sleepy village. Ahead, framed in an orange glow, a small cafe springs to life. This night they undertake to solve the mystery of the beast that only an obscure Artist can see.

    Delving into the last years of Vincent Van Gogh's life this delightful addition to the new canon of Doctor Who is a true gem.

    Seen through the eyes of an artist this Doctor Who was a little, well, askew. Bridging the sometimes too wide a gap in these types of shows, Vincent and the Doctor allowed us an emotional and visual insight into a remarkable historical figure through Amy's instant bond with the postumously famous artist. In one scene, Vincent Van Goghs' art is brought to life in a magical way and is one of those on-screen moments that capture the essense of the story. Technically speaking, more elements regarding the structure of the new DW were subtly introduced in this episode. We've been given the hint since the series started that in this Whoniverse the Doctor doesn't necessarily take the leading role in solving problems - in fact - we are seeing a bumbling Doctor who isn't able to rely on any of his old tricks and a Doctor who prefers his companions to step up to the challenges and help him help us. Frankly, it is an overdue change - with the franchise stalling under the previous regime. And while the window into Van Goghs' life was wonderful i have to reiterate my desire for some other worldly action. An episode that leaves an impression.