Doctor Who

Season 5 Episode 10

Vincent and the Doctor

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Jun 05, 2010 on BBC America

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  • Drawn-out and largely uninteresting

    This new Doctor has a knack of letting us down in the potentially biggest episodes.
    First there was the Churchill/Daleks episode which stank to high heaven, and now we have the Van Gogh episode largely wasted.
    The hunt for the strange animal was anything but exciting, with loads of mis-timed efforts, and all in all, it seemed to have been just thrown in there anyway.
    Van Gogh visiting his own museum was a good terjerking touch, but the whole ordeal of saying goodbyes was incredibly drawn out.
    Compare it to the Tenant episode with Shakespeare. See now?
    The best parallel that I could think of is that this was a Dr. Who episode for soccer moms in America. Please try not to repeat it.