Doctor Who

Season 7 Episode 2

Dinosaurs on a Spaceship


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Rory is reunited with his father as the time travelers try to stop a spaceship full of dinosaurs from colliding with Earth.

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Apr 03, 2018
Mark Williams makes the first of two appearances as Rory’s father Brian Williams meaning he got to keep his real surname for this character.
ABC (Australia) reran this episode on the afternoon of Friday March 30 2018 and again in the early morning of Monday April 2 the latter as a double bill with the previous episode Asylum of the Daleks.
In between the two reruns of Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, the ABC began the 2018 episodes of Father Brown on Saturday March 31 in which the titular Father is played by the aforementioned Mark Williams.
Playing the villain Solomon is David Bradley in this a Matt Smith episode.
Bradley later played William Hartnell in An Adventure In Space and Time and briefly reunited with Smith in his cameo as the Eleventh Doctor.
Bradley got to be the First Doctor in Doctor Who itself later on in The Doctor Falls & Twice Upon A Time.
So continuity-wise and just for a bit of fun, the Eleventh Doctor makes no comment that Solomon looks like his original self.
Amy asked Queen Nefertiti for a high five but does not give her one.
I am also seeing on my NuWho season 9 DVD viewing Under The Lake in which coincidentally Clara asked the Twelfth Doctor for a high five but like Nefertiti with Amy, does not give Clara one.
Queen Nefertiti asked Amy whether she too is a queen and Amy jokingly says that yes she is. Of course Karen Gillan is my queen and always will be.
The Eleventh Doctor says “Take us to your leader.” I am seeing The Horns of Nimon and up to Part 2 and has the Fourth Doctor coincidentally saying “Take me to your leader.”
When there were no weapons on board, Rory asked what ship doesn’t have weapons.
Rory’s lengthy absence from the TARDIS seems to make him forget that the TARDIS is a ship that has no weapons.
Amy says that she is worth two men but Karen is all woman especially since she is my wife.
The robots briefly sing the Daisy song. Incidentally my wife Karen Gillan later played a character called Daisy in NTSF:SD:SUV::

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