Doctor Who

Season 1 Episode 5

World War Three (2)

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Apr 23, 2005 on BBC America

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  • Lots of potential, ruined by a pathetic alien making me wonder why 2 parts were truly necessary to tell this medial story.

    There was so much potential to this story. Some of the dialogue between Rose, the Doctor and Jackie are well done pointing to an important issue about companions and their families. This juxtaposition of safety vs adventure where the Doctor despite wanting to be responsible for those he travels with cannot promise any assurances. Unfortunately most of this is passed over as we have to deal with a pathetic enemy.

    The Slitheen are possible the worst Doctor Who enemy out there. Sure they are tall rubber suits, but they really don't look all that intimidating. In CG they looked more menacing as their was a fluidity to their movement with a sense of true hunter about them, but the disconnect to the costumes where it looked like a bunch of clumsy folks stumbling around in rubber suits. Are we seriously supposed to fear an alien race that would explode if they reached their hands into a jar of pickles?

    There was potential here for a deep meaningful story and you could of had your fun, but let us find some aliens that could have made us think our heroes are in some kind of actual danger.
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