Doctor Who

Season 1 Episode 5

World War Three (2)

Aired Saturday 8:00 PM Apr 23, 2005 on BBC America



  • Quotes

    • Jackie: Got anything stronger?
      Mickey: No chance. I've seen you when you've had a few. This ain't time for a conga.
      Jackie: We've gotta tell someone.
      Mickey: Who do we trust? For all we know, they've all got big bog monsters inside of 'em. I mean this is what he does, Jacks, that Doctor bloke. Everywhere he goes, death and destruction, and he's got Rose in the middle of it.
      Jackie: Has he got a great big green thing inside of him then?
      Mickey: I wouldn't put it past him. But like it or not, he's the only person who knows how to fight these things.