Doctor Who Confidential

BBC Three (ended 2011)




Episode Guide

  • Season 6
    • When Time Froze
      When Time Froze
      Episode 13
    • Open All Hours
      Open All Hours
      Episode 12
    • Heartbreak Hotel
      Heartbreak Hotel
      Episode 11

      In this episode of Doctor Who Confidential, the team takes you to the set and creation of the Doctor Who episode The God Complex. Today we explore the idea of a Minotaur in an ever changing hotel. We see the technical ideas behind the Minotaur's costume, the hotel rooms of different peoples' fears, and a dining hall of dummies. After looking at set pieces and costumes with script writer Toby Whithouse, work on the final few scenes is revealed.

    • What Dreams May Come

      Today Doctor Who Confidential views how the episode The Girl Who Waited was created. We take a look at the story of two girls, two time streams, and impacting decisions. First up we have a dangerous, older Amy, and stunt work that includes driving lessons. The creation of androids is looked at, and we follow a day in the life of Steve Rees, a focus puller for cameras, before heading back to Karen (Amy) and her instructor as they take their driving to the next level. Finally, we see the entire episode come to life from script to screen through storyboard planning.

    • About a Boy
      About a Boy
      Episode 9

      In this Confidential episode covering Night Terrors, we go to the set and explore the transformation of a grand mansion into a doll's house. Afterwards, a peek is taken at the creation, role and even choreography of large, china-faced dolls. Later on, styles of the new series' Doctors and even a few script writers are looked at before heading around for filming in urban flats. Once we complete work there, it's time to take a day in the life of 3rd Assistant Director Heidi, who liaises between set, Mick and James (the 1st and 2nd Assistant Directors). She makes sure times in locations/sets meet with the times put beforehand, and also hands out (revised/ non-revised) daily scripts. Finally, we look at how this episode goes from script to screen.

    • River Runs Wild
      River Runs Wild
      Episode 8
    • The Born Identity
    • Take Two
      Take Two
      Episode 6
    • Double Trouble
      Double Trouble
      Episode 5
    • Bigger on the Inside

      The Doctor Who episode The Doctor's Wife has the Confidential team starting out in the coral Tardis, known by the 9th and 10th Doctors. The crew heads in to film and meet with the writer Neil Gaiman, before we see a day in the life of caterer Neil McMahon. Next, we have the past of the Tardis interior itself, and peek at the props area with the new Tardis console for the episode. Finally, we film important scenes.

    • Ship Ahoy!
      Ship Ahoy!
      Episode 3

      Confidential goes behind the Doctor Who episode The Curse of the Black Spot, first looking at a "pirate ship" and the challenges of filming in one fixed spot. After working to create a sea Siren, we experience a day in the life of the Producer, Marcus Wilson. Next, the inside of the ship is recreated for more shooting space, and filming continues all around. Finally, we take a look at the episode's sick bay, and the effort of the characters within that set.

    • Breaking the Silence

      Confidential continues in the USA and beyond, filming the start of Day of the Moon and the dramatic entrances of all characters. The ideas behind the Silence monster are revealed, and we follow Stephan Pehrsson for a day as the Director of Photography. Once wrapping up the filming in Utah by seeing Monument Valley, a trip is taken to Troy House for an orphanage setting. Finally, the ship of the Silence is revisited from previous episodes.

    • Coming to America

      In this start of Doctor Who season 6, Confidential follows the crew for the filming of The Impossible Astronaut and Day of the Moon. We track down the experiences of the cast as they travel to the USA, planning to start off with a bang in the middle of Utah. Next, the team takes on the challenge of recreating the Oval Office from the ground up, and we join Toby Haynes to learn what a day is like on the directing side of the camera. Once learning about the Silence and working with green screen, we finish off by returning to the US for second episode filming.

    • My Sarah Jane: A Tribute to Elisabeth Sladen
      Elisabeth Sladen, best known as Sarah Jane Smith, is remembered by former colleagues and friends.
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