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  • Comeback, please!

    Confidential became a natural companion to every nu-Who episode and only when it was cancelled, has it became totally clear who much this documentary series reaaly improved the whole Who-experience.

    Yes, we get the 5-minute behind the scenes videos that are posted to youtube by BBC, but it just isn't same.

    Here's secretly hoping for a regeneration.
  • This explains how they make Doctor Who (2005).

    Doctor Who Confidential gives a deep look into the creation of Doctor Who (2005). What they did, why they did it, how they did it, and who did it. Russell T. Davies speaks, actors such as David Tennant speak, you get to watch explosives going off (how cool is that!), you get to see how they filmed it, did the effects, added stuff in, made it look realistic, etc.

    So, if you have watched Doctor Who (this is the new 2005 version, not the old version) and are wondering how they did it all or certain parts, then once you have watched an episode then flick over to BBC Three. Every saturday after a new Doctor Who episode, and repeated on BBC3 whenever they repeat the actual episode on BBC3..
  • All the behind-the-scenes you would ever need to know.

    Although many tuned in to watch Doctor Who Confidential after every new episode, many references were often lost on those who joined the fanbase for the 2005 series.
    Aside from that- Confidential is the perfect behind-the-scenes show; down-to-earth and honest opinions of episodes from writers, actors and producers, pointers on things that people may have missed, the odd little hint at future events- what more could a fan ask for!
    All aspects of the Who-niverse were covered in the 13 episodes; from companions to villains, costume to production aspects. If ever there was a series that allowed you to feel a part of what was going on, this is it.
    Let's hope it continues with the new 2006 series!