Doctor Who (1963)

Season 10 Episode 8

Carnival of Monsters, Episode Four

Aired Saturday 5:15 PM Feb 17, 1973 on BBC

Episode Recap

The Doctor expands back to normal size. Pletrac wants him killed but Kalik stops him. Eventually, the Doctor recovers and quickly turns the inquiry around. He is outraged about the Miniscope and holds Pletrac responsible. The Doctor offers to overlook the matter if he is allowed to return the creatures in the scope to their rightful places.

Orum and Kalik outvote Pletrac to let the Doctor live. Vorg introduces himself to the Doctor, thinking he's a fellow entertainer. The Doctor expresses his anger about the Miniscope and Vorg tells him that the machine is failing. Kalik hits on the idea of hiding the missing eradicator part in Vorg's luggage so that he will get the blame.

Jo tries to escape from the ship but is eventually caught by Andrews.

Shirna notices a panel on the Miniscope shaking - the Drashigs are on the brink of escaping. She and Vorg try to leave but are stopped by Pletrac.

The Doctor wires the Miniscope into the TARDIS so that all the creatures within can be sent back to the original locations. He will go back into the machine to help Jo escape.

Kalik finalizes his plans for the Drashigs to escape. He decides to help them break out of the machine.

Pletrac tries to arrest the Doctor but the Time Lord sends himself back into the machine. Pletrac shoots the Doctor but only damages the linking machine, leaving the Doctor trapped within.

Jo returns to the hold and is reunited with the Doctor.

As Vorg tries to repair the link, Shrina finds the eradicator trigger circuit in his bag.

The Miniscope begins to overheat. Everyone within, including the Doctor and Jo, collapses in exhaustion.

As Orum delays Pletrac, Kalik breaks open a panel on the Miniscope, releasing the Drashigs. He is quickly killed by the creatures. Pletrac tries to fire the eradicator, but it doesn't work. Vorg rushes in, replaces the circuit and guns down both Drashigs. He then throws the switch on the machine, sending everyone back to their proper time and place. The feedback destroys the Miniscope but the Doctor and Jo are safely returned.

The Bernice continues her journey to Bombay. Claire is vaguely aware of something having happened, but can't quite remember what.

As Vorg recalls his encounter with the Drashigs, the Doctor and Jo quietly board the TARDIS. Vorg shows Pletrac a shell game and wins some money from him. The Doctor is confident that he and Shirna will do all right. The TARDIS takes off, watched by an amused Shirna.