Doctor Who (1963)

Season 10 Episode 5

Carnival of Monsters, Episode One

Aired Saturday 5:15 PM Jan 27, 1973 on BBC



  • Trivia

    • Equipment Visible: When Shirna does her little dance, the wire leading to the Miniscope is visible.

    • Factual Error: The calendar that the Doctor spots shows the date is Tuesday, June 4, 1926. The problem is that June 4, 1926 was a Friday.

    • Other Mistake: When Jo moves across the room to get the newspaper, the sound of a pen or pencil falling on the floor can be heard.

  • Quotes

    • The Doctor [ regarding the floor hatch ]: It slides open.
      Jo: How does it work?
      The Doctor: Anti-magnetic cohesion, I should think.
      Jo: Never heard of it.
      The Doctor: Well you wouldn't have done, Jo. You were born about a thousand years too early for that.
      Jo: Oh, I do love being with you, Doctor. You make me feel so young.

    • Jo: We're on Earth.
      The Doctor: That's impossible.
      Jo: Why can't you ever admit when you're wrong?
      The Doctor: Because that's impossible too.

  • Notes

    • Novelisation: Doctor Who and the Carnival of Monsters by Terrance Dicks (ISBN 0 426 11025 0) first published by Tandem/Wyndham Publications in 1977.

    • DVD: Doctor Who: Carnival of Monsters (BBCDVD 1098) released in July 2002. Released in U.S.A./Canada (Warner Home Video E1758) in July 2003.

      Video: Doctor Who: Carnival of Monsters (BBCV 5556) released in March 1995. Released in U.S.A./Canada (Warner Home Video E1311) in March 1996.

  • Allusions

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