Doctor Who (1963)

Season 10 Episode 6

Carnival of Monsters, Episode Two

Aired Saturday 5:15 PM Feb 03, 1973 on BBC

Episode Recap

The Doctor decides that they must find a way off the ship.

Vorg pulls out what was causing the problem - the TARDIS. He puts it back in the Miniscope. Kalik asks about the scope and Vorg shows them images from within. He shows the Bernice, Ogrons and a fierce race of reptiles called Drashigs. Kalik is not amused. When he finds out that the creatures are actually living inside the Miniscope, he is alarmed.

The Doctor and Jo try to sneak past the Major again but are caught. The passengers cannot recall the earlier encounter at all.

Vorg turns up a meter that stimulates aggression. This makes Andrews decide to fight with the Doctor. The Doctor knocks down Andrews and runs. Andrews grabs a rifle and starts shooting at them. They chase the Doctor and Jo around the ship.

The Doctor and Jo release the locks on the silver hatch but are caught before they can escape. Andrews is about to shoot them in cold blood but Vorg turns down the aggression and the passengers just decide to have dinner.

Shirna tells Vorg that she hasn't seen the Doctor and Jo before.

Jo release the hatch and they descend within to find themselves in a maze of circuitry. They are inside a machine. They begin searching for the way out.

Pletrac realizes that Vorg's permit is a forgery. Kalik tells Pletrac that the Miniscope contains aliens and Pletrac decides that the machine must be destroyed. They have an eradicator brought and shoot the machine.

Inside, the Doctor and Joe are overwhelmed by heat. But the machine survives the attack. The aliens are convinced that anything organic will have been destroyed but everyone within has survived. Kalik is now convinced that the visitors are spies, preparing for an invasion.

The Doctor and Jo are suddenly attacked by a metal probe and see a massive eye looking down on them. It's Vorg, trying to clean out the circuits. Kalik puts a gun to Vorg's head and demands to know how they are transmitting messages to potential invaders. They search the Miniscope and find the tiny TARDIS. When they bring it out, however, it expands to full size. Shirna realizes it is connected to the two new inhabitants of the Miniscope.

The Doctor cuts his way into a new chamber. They find a cave within and walk out into a marsh. An alarm sounds on the Miniscope and Shirna finds that the new visitors are in the Drashig chamber. They are as good as dead - the Drashigs will chase them relentlessly.

Suddenly, a fearsome Drashig emerges from the mud and towers over the Doctor and Jo…