Doctor Who (1963)

Season 2 Episode 39


Aired Saturday 5:15 PM Jul 24, 1965 on BBC
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The Doctor finally discovers the full scale of the Monk's plan to meddle with history. He has only a short time to stop him. And alliances keep shifting…

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  • One of my favourite Hartnell era stories

    Astronaut Steven Taylor inadvertantly stows away on the Tardis from the Doctor's previous adventure and ends up back in time, England during the Norman invasion, to be precise.

    Steven, Vicki, and the Doctor eventually become entwined in a plot by a mysterious Monk who is attempting to change history by turning favour to King Harold of the Saxons and intending to help him defeat the Normans.

    This Monk becomes suspect when Steven and Vicki find a gramophone and 20th century watch in his posession, and eventually we learn that he himself has a TARDIS.

    The Doctor, of course, stops the Monk from changing history and further stops him from doing more damage by removing the Monk's Time and Relative Space Device from his TARDIS, therefore shrinking his ship's interior to doll house size.

    This is the first time we meet another member of the Doctor's race, although it is not yet revealed that they are Time Lords.

    As a side note, I recently came across a revealing article referencing this story. Here are the points that were made:

    -An uninvited space traveller on the Tardis

    -A watch tipping off the Doctor's companion that the person they are dealing with is more than he says

    -We meet another member of the Doctor's race when we think the Doctor is the only one of his kind

    -King Harold of the Saxons... or Harold Saxon?

    It appears that this ep had a great deal of influence on Utopia/ The Sound Of Drums/ Last Of The Time Lords! :)

    We would meet the Monk one more time in a future episode. I wish we would have seen him in more.moreless

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    • Steven: You know, I think I'm beginning to like the idea of being a crew member on a time machine.
      Vicki: "Crew member"? You'll be lucky. [ pointing to the Doctor ] He's the crew, we're just the passengers!
      The Doctor: Yes, and both very welcome ones, my dear.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Although this episode exists in the BBC archives, it is a cut version. Footage of the Saxons stabbing Ulf and Sven was removed by foreign censors and later destroyed. An audio recording of this scene is included on the 2008 DVD.

    • After the story ends, but before the credits begin to roll, the faces of the Doctor, and his companions are sequentially superimposed over a starfield. The closing credits are then rolled over static images of the Doctor, Vicki and Steven Taylor.

      There is no "next episode" caption at the end of this episode, the last in Season 2.

    • The Meddling Monk would return in The Daleks' Master Plan.