Doctor Who (1963)

Season 17 Episode 6

City of Death, Part Two

Aired Saturday 5:15 PM Oct 06, 1979 on BBC
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Captured by the Count, the Doctor and Romana uncover an elaborate plan to steal the Mona Lisa. But there is more to Scarlioni's plans than a simple theft.

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    Catherine Schell

    Catherine Schell


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    Kevin Flood

    Kevin Flood


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    Julian Glover

    Julian Glover


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    Tom Chadbon

    Tom Chadbon


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    David Graham

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (4)

      • Revealing Mistake: That's quite a blow Duggan delivers to the bricked-up wall. The entire room shakes.

      • Other Mistake: When Duggan lights the lamp in the cellar, the studio light illuminates Tom Baker's back – which is facing away from the lamp.

      • Continuity: In Part One, the Count's henchmen grabbed the Doctor, Romana and Duggan and ushered them all out at gunpoint. In the location shot near the beginning of Part Two, Duggan is gone. He then reappears once they are inside.

      • The Doctor switches the TARDIS navigational randomiser off in order to visit Renaissance Florence and the birth of life itself. Either that or he's incredibly lucky.

    • QUOTES (10)

      • The Doctor: Kerensky, he's fainted!
        Duggan: No, I hit him. Now can we stop worrying about conjuring tricks with chickens and get out of this place?
        The Doctor: That's your philosophy, isn't it? "If it moves, hit it." […] If you do that one more time Duggan, I'm going to take very, very severe measures!
        Duggan: Yeah, like what?
        The Doctor: I'm going to ask you not to.

      • Duggan: What about the Mona Lisa? You reckon the Count and Countess are out to steal it?
        The Doctor: Yes.
        Duggan: I don't know about you, but I'm out to stop them.
        The Doctor: They're not going to steal it at five o'clock in the afternoon, are they?
        Duggan: Why not?
        The Doctor: Because the Louvre is still open. Now, while we're here, why don't you and I find out how they're going to steal it and why, hmmm? Or are you just in it for the thumping?
        Duggan: I'm in it mainly to protect the interest in the art dealers who have employed me-
        The Doctor: I know, I know, but mainly for the thumping.

      • (Duggan smashes vase over Countess)
        Duggan [ after knocking the Countess out with a vase ]: Sorry, milady.
        Doctor: I should think so, too.
        That was a Ming vase. Second dynasty. Absolutely priceless.

      • Countess: My dear, you must be a genius.
        Count: Well, let's just say I come from a family of geniuses.

      • (Duggan picks up a chair and prepare to hit Hermann.)
        The Doctor: Duggan, what are you doing for heaven's sake? That's a Louis Quinze!

      • Doctor: Duggan, your job is to stop his men from stealing the Mona Lisa. The other Mona Lisa.

      • The Doctor: Duggan, why is it that every time I start to talk to someone, you knock them unconscious?

      • Countess: My dear, I don't think he's as stupid as he seems.
        Count: My dear, nobody could be as stupid as he seems.

      • Doctor: I say, what a wonderful butler! He's so violent!

      • The Doctor: Aaah, well, you're a beautiful woman, probably...

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