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Babblesphere a forth Doctor story with Lalla Ward. The 4th release of the Destiny of the Doctor audio series by Big Finish April 2013. Monty Python made a career demonstrating absurdity. On his radio show Russ Limbaugh use absurdity to demonstrate absurd views and beliefs .
I, like so many, am a people watcher. Over the years I have watch how the connection to the social networks and the internet have taken over so many people lives. There was a time that during meeting or training people would hide their reading. Even if they were not paying attention at least they were quiet and hid whatever they were paying attention to. In today world people not only do they no longer attempt to hide their devices or the fact that they are not even pretending they are paying attention they openly have their devices out and . When you are in a field as I am that has a large shortage of staff there is not the fear of repercussion.
But the lack of real consequences alone cannot be the only reason for this lack of manners of people in today's society. Nor can it be just the “Me” focus of the young staff of today.
“From a mental health perspective, concerns have been raised about the negative impact of excessive use of social networking sites on the health and wellbeing of users, especially that of young people, who are enthusiastic users of this technology.” https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/in-excess/201805/addicted-social-media From my observation the negative effects goes well beyond mental health, physical health and overall wellbeing. It has led to anti-social behavior, reduction in problem solving skills, independent thinking and the indoctrination by the far Left and far Right.
From what I have observed I believe Babblesphere may not only be a look into the future but not a far off future.

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