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I know this start during the reboot but the older fans may want to have a say. Looking under the sise bar of the 2005 page under cast and crew they have the current Doctor listed as the 13th Doctor when she is the 14th Doctor (15th if you count the fact that the Doctor played by David Tennent regenerated twice).
I know some will list even more but I would not count any from the future yet nor any from stories that did not take place on the TV stories though I do feel bad for Richard E. Grant.
Peter Cushing was a human doctor who last name was Who. He was never a Time Lord. I view the Rowan Atkinson’s Doctor and all the regenerations that went on in The Curse of Fatal Death as a parody and don’t count them. Nor do I count any plays or parallel/alternate universes/planes of existence from Big Finish or any other outlets.

This mess started when the show team started developing the storyline for the Doctor during the Time Wars. Rather than using Paul McGann 9th Doctor they added an unknown Doctor. They could have used McGann and kept the canon and numbers of regenerations in line.
Am I just being nitpicky or do others feel the correction need to be made?
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Nov 27, 2018
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Nov 19, 2018
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Nov 05, 2018
The thing is, it IS correct already, and you pretty much prove your own point that it is difficult to be definitive, by yourself not being sure whether it's 14 or 15.
So the only viewpoint that counts HAS to be the Doctor's.
So as far as 10 goes, he said himself he only used enough regenerative energy to fix himself, and then sent the rest of the energy into the hand. So he never became another Doctor. The remainder of the energy became the meta-crisis Doctor, who theoretically could be called the first 11th Doctor, with Matt Smith the second 11th Doctor, as his lifecycle took a bit of a split there, but Matt's Doctor most definitely came from the original 10th Doctor, not the extra one, making him still the Eleventh in an ordinal sequence.

Now if we were talking about the Doctor's real name, then we COULD count John Hurt, but very clearly in Night of the Doctor he is Doctor no more, everything he did was not in the name of the Doctor, and he refused to acknowledge the title throughout ALL the War Doctor stories. He was NOT the Doctor, so the Doctor before him was the Eighth, and the one after him was the Ninth, because he wasn't one. OK if you want to be really picky he accepted the name again at the end of Day of the Doctor, but he was already wearing a bit thin by then, so well on the way to being the Ninth as he said it.

Interestingly the War Doctor was, inadvertantly, foreshadowed in School Reunion, when Ten met Sarah he said he's regenerated half a dozen times since they last met. Which if she last met the Fourth Doctor would be correct, but she actually last met the Fifth Doctor in The Five Doctors - so there's been one missing since season 2 of the new run.
To put it right, you'd have to skip a number somewhere. Now I know Windows went from 8 to 10, but that was because 8 was so crap, and you can't say that about Paul McGann. And we were already referring to 9, 10 and 11 as such before we knew about the War Doctor, so then it would get really confusing renaming them.

The War Doctor name incidentally he also never went by in the narrative, it was hinted at in Twice Upon a Time as his full title for ALL of his incarnations. It's just a handle that is assigned to him outside of the narrative, so we can call him something. In all his stories he never gave a name, though I think he may have acknowledged John Smith in The Shadow Vortex. So at best you could call Jodie the 14th or 15th John Smith, but that doesn't make things any easier ;-)
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