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The First Doctor is back, in the form of David Bradley, but you knew that already, or did you?

It may be that Moffat's biggest legacy to the show may actually be breathing new life into the old classic series.

The Fiftieth Anniversary in 2013 gave us a host of Specials with Day of the Doctor, Night of the Doctor, the Five-ish Doctors and Big Finish's Light at the End. But for me the best special was not set in the fictional universe of Doctor Who, but instead brought the First Doctor back in the form of David Bradley, playing William Hartnell for the bio-pic An Adventure in Space and Time. This was an astounding piece of work all round wth great recreations of both the roles, and an exquisite original TARDIS set. But Bradley was astounding in his portrayal of Hartnell.

Fast forward to 2017 and Bradley finally gets to play the Doctor in the fictional universe, reprising his role to escort Peter Capaldi to his departure. Early footage has shown his performance is yet again remarkable for the Christmas special, with a fantastic morphed scene from the Tenth Planet starting with Hartnell and finishing with Bradley.

But December will also see the Adventures in Space and Time crew reunited in audo form, for some new adventures with the First Doctor, from Big Finish - Now if only we could get them to restage some of the missing stories for TV.

Here's the Big Finish press release -

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Dec 23, 2017
I was unsure about other actors taking over the role of the Doctor or even companions for actors who has pasted. I'm still not sure if it is a good idea for all of them just so you can do new stores. But that said I think David Bradley has done a great job of playing the first Doctor as we know him.
Sep 24, 2017
"Now if only we could get them to restage some of the missing stories for TV". That would heal some of the divide that has develop the old and new show. It would also allow the fans to complete our collections. The topper would be if they could work the remaining original cast in a support role.
Sep 26, 2017
The only thing that I think would upset folks about a modern day restage is that economically it must appeal to the bulk of the audience. So if they restaged Marco Polo for example as a carbon copy of the original, then the pacing would be all wrong for a modern audience, so they'd probably take a 7 parter and condense it down to a 4 parter (i.e. 2 at modern length).

But the bits I've seen of the Christmas episode gives me hope. They appear to have restaged chunks of The Tenth Planet, quite accurately - I wonder if while they were doing it they restaged the whole of episode 4? If ever they were going to do it, it would make economic sense to do it then, with all the sets being up.

It would also be quite easy to incorporate the surviving cast, even in their original roles, and also include the current series, by having the opening sequence show the current Doctor meeting up with his old companions, and then reminisce about a past adventure. He did say one day he would come back.

Me, I'm still holding out for more returns.
Sep 27, 2017
It would be nice to for those of us who never saw them to see them (and add them to our collection) before we have that last cup of tea with Death. I know the stories from the CDs but as good as some are it is still not seeing them.
Sep 27, 2017
By the way any updates on the lost ones that may have been found. It seem the news from a few years ago turned out not to be anything.
Sep 27, 2017
The news from a few years ago may not as yet have reached it's logical conclusion. Though it is difficult to separate the rumour from the truth.

The core information/rumour that seems to be repeated from many sources is that Marco Polo was originally in the planned anniversary release, but the early release (before everything was secured) was contingent on a deal that would cover repatriation of all the recovered BBC programmes, but apparently the BBC only wanted to cherry pick the more commercial titles. So Marco was pulled, supposedly until a deal could be reached - Phil Morris's famous "the wind is blowing in the right direction" comment was supposedly about negotiations looking like it might actually happen - but that was a while ago.

One thing that certainly DOES seem true is that Web 3 does exist, in that Phil is sure it was there when he first found them, but when he returned the episode was myseteriously absent, assumed in the hands of a private collector. Which is why there are no more "leaks" on the topic, he realised that news getting out may have tipped off collectors, and is now trying to complete his search more quietly.

Another avenue being discussed is with private collectors, which is another reason why Phil is allegedly keeping quiet about what he has. If you are negotiating with a collector to access of 1 episode, the bargaining power the collector will have if they know it is now the only still missing episode of a story, as they are the key to making a commercial release, compared with them thinking what they have will not allow a complete release.

For sure though a LOT of long though lost TV has turned up on his search, not just Doctor Who. Quite possibly the most interesting discovery is that more copies of episodes were actually made than the initial paperwork implied as "Audition tapes" are now known to exist, which is where an example episode/story is sent to an overseas broadcaster to see if they want to buy the whole series, and also "Engineer copies" also exist, where an engineer would copy a tape at random after repairs to a machine.

The current climate is that many activities are taking place cataloging archives and turning up all sorts of media long thought lost, all the time - so Who knows.
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