Doctor Who (1963)

Season 27 Episode 1

Dimensions in Time, Part One

Aired Saturday 5:15 PM Nov 26, 1993 on BBC

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  • Clearly not meant to be the finest piece of Doctor Who storytelling, this special still holds its share of charm and a special place in Doctor Who history. To see more on the good and bad of this story, read the review for part 2.

    The inclusion of so many old monsters could have been handled better. What was the real threat they proposed? Other than the Cyberman and Ogron, nobody got off a shot. The Doctor shouldn\'t have much trouble outrunning them anyway. I can\'t remember the last time I saw a Cyberman or Ogron run. In fact, the baddies seemed to be moving slower than normal. The managerie made little sense to begin with, but why did the Rani have D84 in her collection if she was trying to control evolution? Equally, why were some of the alien races which were not necessarily evil \"attacking\" the Doctor? It was all just very forced. Most fans would have been satisfied to see a few cybermen and Daleks trolling about. Indeed, we didn\'t actually get to see the two species share a screen until some 10+ years later. The Rani\'s TARDIS was nicely done, though the floor could do with a sweep. The score was excellent and is a fine example of what Doctor Who\'s incidental music can do for a story. The style of score would be very different when the show would return in 2005. Many people, myself included, wish that the sometimes campy and frequently over-emphasized music of the 2005 revival would return more to its roots.

    There is a longer review adressing different aspects and giving my overall impression of this story under part two, but I have divided my comments between the episodes since some elements are only applicable to one part.
  • An episode that had potential to be great, but ended mixed up and confusing.

    Dimentions in time is a two part episode where the first seven doctors and their companions all are pulled into an adverse situation because of the Rani.

    Dimentions in Time had the potential to be a great episode. It was aired years after the original run of Doctor Who aired and featured all the doctors up to that point. The problem however is that the story was poorly written and it was very hard to follow. The Rani\\\'s goal in the episode was to get a human. Instead of simply picking one up she set up a scheme to capture all the doctors in a time loop. The doctors and companions ended up constantly shuffling between eachother constantly. When this happened, the events that the previous Doctor and companions were doing changed completely. It was interesting to see some companions interact with different doctors, but becides Ace they took no notice that the doctor looked different. If this episode was better written and longer it could have been a very interesting classic. However because of its length, writing, lack of a strong plot, and sheer randomness it was rather disappointing.
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