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Cricket anyone?

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    Does it ever tells us when/how the Doctor becomes such a big Cricket fan. During his 5th regeneration (6th Doctor)he is only a major fan but a very good player. In the audio drama "Phantasmagoria", a great 6th Doctor story with Turlough, the Doctor calls Cricket the greatest game in the universe. Yet in the Daleks' Master Plan the TARDIS lands on the field while a Cricket match is going on and when asked by one of the companions what was going on he state he was not should but that it looks like some type of sporting contest.

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    i'm guessing that the doctor who was it "Peter Davidson" right i'm a bit tired so my mind is somewhere else. anyways, it's possible he's a die hard cricket fan and they put that in the show, much like Jon Pertwee i think knew how to fight or something so that was written in. and Tom Baker i think loves jelly babies so that's got written in.

    i of course could be wrong about this so let me just say is that i'm just guessing.

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