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Doctor Who: A Supplement to the Episode List

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    It's been brought to my attention that some visitors may experience difficulty in tracking down particular episodes of Doctor Who, because the titles used in the show guide don't correspond to the titles on VHS/DVD releases. Some web guides, like the old one one at TVTome, treat each story as an episode in its own right, and sites such as Amazon U.S. even number VHS/DVD releases to correspond to these guides.

    Doctor Who was conceived as an ongoing series, lasting for at least 52 weeks, consisting of various stories each of between four and seven episodes. The first 118 episodes (1963-1966) were aired with individual episode titles, and the final episode of each serial would commonly link directly into the first of the next. No serialtitles were broadcast for the first 25 serials. From the 26th serial, at the end of the third series, it was the serials, rather than the episodes, that were named.

    Over the years, the titles of the first 25 serials were the subject of much discussion. Commonly, these stories were given a title at the time a script was commissioned. Surviving camera scripts sometime use an alternative title. Overseas sales documents and novelisations might use another title. A tenth anniversary tribute magazine from the BBC's Radio Times in 1973 named each of the first 25 serials after its opening episode. The matter was finally settled when the BBC started releasing episodes commercially on VHS or CD.

    A further confusion arises over the 23rd season. This consisted of a 14-part serial, but was commissioned as four separate stories, and novelised as such. The packaging on the VHS release uses the titles of the novels.

    There are generally Notes attached to the first episode of each serial that refer to the various names by which that serial is known, but this information does not feed through to's search engine. At least two visitors have observed that they have been unable to locate a particular serial because our guide uses the official episode titles. I attach a list of all Doctor Who serials 1963-1989, using what are now the accepted names of each serial (and, in the case of s.23, the titles of the novelisations), and included hyperlinks to the first episode of each serial where this might aid searching.

    Serial  Title                        Novelisation
    1 A An Unearthly Child
    2 B The Daleks An Exciting Adventure with the Daleks
    3 C The Edge Of Destruction
    4 D Marco Polo
    5 E The Keys of Marinus
    6 F The Aztecs
    7 G The Sensorites
    8 H The Reign of Terror
    9 J Planet of Giants
    10 K The Dalek Invasion of Earth
    11 L The Rescue
    12 M The Romans
    13 N The Web Planet The Zarbi
    14 P The Crusade The Crusaders
    15 Q The Space Museum
    16 R The Chase
    17 S The Time Meddler
    18 T Galaxy 4
    19 T/A Mission to the Unknown
    20 U The Myth Makers
    21 V The Daleks' Master Plan
    22 W The Massacre
    23 X The Ark
    24 Y The Celestial Toymaker
    25 Z The Gunfighters
    26 AA The Savages
    27 BB The War Machines
    28 CC The Smugglers
    29 DD The Tenth Planet
    30 EE The Power of the Daleks
    31 FF The Highlanders
    32 GG The Underwater Menace
    33 HH The Moonbase The Cybermen
    34 JJ The Macra Terror
    35 KK The Faceless Ones
    36 LL The Evil of the Daleks
    37 MM The Tomb of the Cybermen
    38 NN The Abominable Snowmen
    39 OO The Ice Warriors
    40 PP The Enemy of the World
    41 QQ The Web of Fear
    42 RR Fury from the Deep
    43 SS The Wheel in Space
    44 TT The Dominators
    45 UU The Mind Robber
    46 VV The Invasion
    47 WW The Krotons
    48 XX The Seeds of Death
    49 YY The Space Pirates
    50 ZZ The War Games
    51 AAA Spearhead from Space The Auton Invasion
    52 BBB Doctor Who and the Silurians The Cave Monsters
    53 CCC The Ambassadors of Death
    54 DDD Inferno
    55 EEE Terror of the Autons
    56 FFF The Mind of Evil
    57 GGG The Claws of Axos
    58 HHH Colony in Space The Doomsday Weapon
    59 JJJ The Daemons
    60 KKK Day of the Daleks
    61 MMM The Curse of Peladon
    62 LLL The Sea Devils
    63 NNN The Mutants
    64 OOO The Time Monster
    65 RRR The Three Doctors
    66 PPP Carnival of Monsters
    67 QQQ Frontier in Space The Space War
    68 SSS Planet of the Daleks
    69 TTT The Green Death
    70 UUU The Time Warrior
    71 WWW Invasion of the Dinosaurs The Dinosaur Invasion
    72 XXX Death to the Daleks
    73 YYY The Monster of Peladon
    74 ZZZ Planet of the Spiders
    75 4A Robot The Giant Robot
    76 4C The Ark in Space
    77 4B The Sontaran Experiment
    78 4E Genesis of the Daleks
    79 4D Revenge of the Cybermen
    80 4F Terror of the Zygons The Loch Ness Monster
    81 4H Planet of Evil
    82 4G Pyramids of Mars
    83 4J The Android Invasion
    84 4K The Brain of Morbius
    85 4L The Seeds of Doom
    86 4M The Masque of Mandragora
    87 4N The Hand of Fear
    88 4P The Deadly Assassin
    89 4Q The Face of Evil
    90 4R The Robots of Death
    91 4S The Talons of Weng-Chiang
    92 4V Horror of Fang Rock
    93 4T The Invisible Enemy
    94 4X Image of the Fendahl
    95 4W The Sun Makers
    96 4Y Underworld
    97 4Z The Invasion of Time
    98 5A The Ribos Operation
    99 5B The Pirate Planet
    100 5C The Stones of Blood
    101 5D The Androids of Tara
    102 5E The Power of Kroll
    103 5F The Armageddon Factor
    104 5J Destiny of the Daleks
    105 5H City of Death
    106 5G The Creature from the Pit
    107 5K Nightmare of Eden
    108 5L The Horns of Nimon
    109 5M Shada
    110 5N The Leisure Hive
    111 5Q Meglos
    112 5R Full Circle
    113 5P State of Decay
    114 5S Warriors' Gate
    115 5T The Keeper of Traken
    116 5V Logopolis
    117 5Z Castrovalva
    118 5W Four to Doomsday
    119 5Y Kinda
    120 5X The Visitation
    121 6A Black Orchid
    122 6B Earthshock
    123 6C Time-Flight
    124 6E Arc of Infinity
    125 6D Snakedance
    126 6F Mawdryn Undead
    127 6G Terminus
    128 6H Enlightenment
    129 6J The King's Demons
    130 6K The Five Doctors
    131 6L Warriors of the Deep
    132 6M The Awakening
    133 6N Frontios
    134 6P Resurrection of the Daleks
    135 6Q Planet of Fire
    136 6R The Caves of Androzani
    137 6S The Twin Dilemma
    138 6T Attack of the Cybermen
    139 6V Vengeance on Varos
    140 6X The Mark of the Rani
    141 6W The Two Doctors
    142 6Y Timelash
    143 6Z Revelation of the Daleks
    144 7A The Trial of a Time Lord 1- 4 The Mysterious Planet
    145 7B The Trial of a Time Lord 5- 8 Mindwarp
    146 7C The Trial of a Time Lord 9-12 Terror Of The Vervoids
    147 7C The Trial of a Time Lord 13-14 The Ultimate Foe
    148 7D Time and the Rani
    149 7E Paradise Towers
    150 7F Delta and the Bannermen
    151 7G Dragonfire
    152 7H Remembrance of the Daleks
    153 7L The Happiness Patrol
    154 7K Silver Nemesis
    155 7J The Greatest Show in the Galaxy
    156 7N Battlefield
    157 7Q Ghost Light
    158 7M The Curse of Fenric
    159 7P Survival

    I hope this is helpful. Please feel free to add comments below.

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    Thanks for all you do.
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    One little additional note about the confusing Season 23: While practically everybody considers this as breaking down into three 4-parters and one 2-parter, the BBC has one serial code for the last six episodes, meaning that in the legal paperwork, Season 23 consists of two 4-parters and one 6-parter!
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    thanx for the list. i wondered why 'Ghost Lightl" was numbered 157 on my dvd & it was numbered differently else where
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    Could a list of the later stories CDs be added?

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    This will just be for the stories so not in this thread.

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