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Which Doctor would you most like to set down and talk with?

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    Not necesary your favorite Doctor but the one you would most want to set down and talk to and what would you talk about? (Counting Richard E. Grant just the 6 who are alive.)For me I have Colin Baker as #6 on my list of Doctors but he would be the first one who I would like to set down and talk. I would like to talk about the time from when he left the show to today.

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    Yeah I think I'm with you on that one, thoroughly nice chap. I was invited to joing him for a meal with him once, after he performed in the Woman in White in Derby, he was going out for a Chinese meal with a group of fans. Unfortunately both the kids were with me and it was a school night :-/ But it was great of him to extend the invite, such a nice chap.

    Second on my list would be Paul McGann to find out more about the planned series that never was, and all the dialogue that got cut from the Movie.

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