Doctor Who (1963)

Season 10 Episode 14

Frontier in Space, Episode Six

Aired Saturday 5:15 PM Mar 31, 1973 on BBC

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  • The Doctor is able to stop of full-scale war between the Draconians and Earth...

    This story could have been great - but it is too greatly padded out. Much of the story has Jo and the Doctor being caught/kidnapped by Earth's forces, the Draconians, the Orgons, the Master and the Daleks. It happens so many times and they placed in so many jails, that by the end of the story you become bored. Maybe the basic story of Earth/Draconians not trusting each other and wanting to go to war is too simple - and the added part with the Master/Daleks/Orgons should add spice but is poorly written. On the other hand, the costume for the Draconians is fantastic and they really look like an alien species. And the Doctor is given some dialogue which hints at another off-screen adventure with the Draconians. Jo gets the best scene where she holds firm when the Master tries to hypnotise her and then he tries to terrorize with images! And the final scenes with the Doctor being hurt is one of the few scenes where we have some sort of realistic wound on the Doctor. Could have been much better overall...