Doctor Who (1963)

Season 19 Episode 10

Kinda, Part Two

Aired Saturday 5:15 PM Feb 02, 1982 on BBC

Episode Recap

Deep inside the jungle, two women – the elderly Panna and the young Karuna – hear the survival suit approaching. Panna instructs Karuna to give the "Not-We" a box so that they will understand the Kinda. Aris arrives, distressed that he can no longer hear his brother's thoughts. He is confused by the humans as speaking is a sign of wisdom among he Kinda.

The Doctor and Adric play games with coins while the wait in prison, to Todd's annoyance. Hindle grows increasingly unhinged.

Sanders comes into a clearing and finds the two Kinda women. Karuna gives him a box. He opens and is overwhelmed by what he finds inside.

Hindle has the prisoners brought to the control room. He is worried about the plants closing in on the dome and has decided to sterilize an area of the forest within 50 miles of the dome. Adric pretends to go along with him.

The two Tegans try to figure out which of them is real. The Dukkha creates even more copies of her, then brings them down to only one.

Adric tries to sneak a key to the Doctor but is caught by Hindle.

The Dukkha tries to persuade Tegan to let him possess her body. She refuses and tells him to leave her alone – and he makes them both vanish. Terrified, she agrees to his demands. He touches her hand and a snake passes over to her arm.

Tegan awakes below the chimes, her arm now bearing a snake tattoo.

Hindle has the Kinda torment Adric as punishment. The Doctor suggests putting him out of the dome, but Hindle thinks the trees will have no mercy. Suddenly, Sanders returns and Hindle collapses into hysterics. Sanders, acting strangely placid, offers Hindle the box he received from Karuna.

Aris finds the wind chimes where a cackling Tegan drops apples on his head. She approaches him and senses his unhappiness. As the Mara, she promises to help him destroy the people in the dome and the snake passes over to his arm. Aris lays her unconcious body below the wind chimes and hurries out into the forest.

Hindle is too frightened to open the box. He imprisons the others and orders the Doctor to open the box or be shot. The Doctor opens the box and Todd screams in terror…