Doctor Who (1963)

Season 24 Episode 7

Paradise Towers, Part Three

Aired Saturday 5:15 PM Oct 19, 1987 on BBC

Episode Recap

The Doctor agrees to stay behind while the Kangs escape.

Mel hears a noise from the waste disposal chute. When Tabby investigates, she is pulled in by a robot. Tilda is about to kill Mel when Pex breaks down the door. Tilda misses him with a knife. When she goes for another, she too is pulled into the chute. Their bodies are taken to the creature in the basement.

The Caretakers burn their way in and find only the Doctor. They are angry that the Kangs are gone but gratified they will get to execute the Doctor.

Mel finds plans to the building in Tilda's apartment. She wants to go the pool on the 304th floor but Pex is convinced that any who go to the pool will die. She also finds that the basement is forbidden on pain of death.

The Doctor is brought to the Chief, who angrily dismisses the Deputy's concerns about cleaners attacking Caretakers. The Chief decides to interrogate the Doctor. He admits that he doesn't think the Doctor is the Great Architect. The Doctor accuses the Chief of sending the cleaners after people within the towers but now someone else is giving the orders.

They are interrupted by the Deputy reporting the death of Tilda and Tabby. The Chief goes to investigate, leaving the Doctor to peruse the Paradise Towers Prospectus.

Mel and Pex find their way into a lift just ahead of a cleaner. It starts going up and down as the Kangs have previously pressed all the buttons.

The Red Kangs break into the Caretaker headquarters and free the Doctor. The Chief tries to calm Maddy's fears, even offering her Tilda's apartment as a bribe.

Mel and Pex try to adjust the lift and it descends rapidly into the basement. More bodies are taken in as the creature in the basement begins to boast that it will soon be free.

The Doctor watches the Prospectus with the Kangs and recognizes the name of Miracle City. Kroagnon was an architect who liked his buildings so much he wouldn't let people use them and would set lethal traps. He wonders if Kroagnon has been imprisoned in the basement of Paradise Towers.

Pex gets the elevator ascending to the roof.

The Kangs tell the Doctor about the thing in the basement. As they are about to investigate, the Blue Kangs raid the base and claim victory in the game. The Doctor pleads with them to work together.

Pex and Mel arrive at the roof and find a beautiful pool. Pex is nervous but Mel is eager for a swim. Within the water lurks a mechanical crab.

The cleaners force the Chief into the basement. Kroagnon tells him that the bodies he has been sent were not right for him to live in. As the Doctor and the Kangs close in, Kroagnon says that he can now launch his plan and only needs the Chief's body. The cleaners force him forward and a metal tube descends upon him. He screams in terror.

The cleaners turn back and start to throttle the Doctor…