Doctor Who (1963)

Season 24 Episode 6

Paradise Towers, Part Two

Aired Saturday 5:15 PM Oct 12, 1987 on BBC

Episode Recap

The Doctor is unable to persuade his captors that his is not the Great Architect and they begin to plan his execution by the strict regulations of their book.

The Red Kangs find that one of their number is missing. Deep in the tower, a cleaner takes a Red Kang into a glowing room.

The Doctor tries to get more information out of the Caretakers but they are reticent. He finally persuades them to let him examine the rulebook. He pretends to read a regulation that they have to move away and cover their eyes. He is able to escape when they mindlessly obey the order.

Pex leads Mel in circles. He tells her that he has been sent by powers he can not name. As they continue walking, the Blue Kangs follow.

The Chief reassures his men that the reports about rogue cleaners are wrong. When he hears the Doctor has escaped, he is furious.

Tabby and Tilda are picking over a cooked rat when they are visited by Maddy, their neighbor. She tells them that people have been vanishing.

The Doctor hits a phone and money spills out. He recognizes the name on them - Kroagnon. He is then cornered by two cleaning machines. When he backs away, he falls through a concealed panel into the Red Kang's headquarters.

Fire Escape confirms that the cleaners are killing Kangs and is stunned to learn that Caretakers are being killed as well. The Kangs will not, however, talk about what lies within the basement. The Doctor wins their trust by using the money to get drinks from a disused vending machine.

The Chief Caretaker visits the basement. Behind the door, two glowing eyes cry out "hungry!". The Chief rebukes it for taking people he didn't authorize and promises to send more people for it to eat.

The Blue Kangs capture Mel and Pex. They tell Mel that Pex hid in Paradise Towers to avoid fighting in the war. As Mel leaves, the Kangs mercilessly taunt Pex as a "scaredy-cat".

The Chief tells his Deputy he thinks the Doctor is with the Kangs. He is determined to get him back.

Mel runs into Tabby and Tilda again and is brought in for tea.

The Caretakers track the Doctor through the corridors. Alarms ring in the Red Kang headquarters as they close in and the Kangs, believing the Doctor has betrayed them, turn on him. As the Caretakers burn the door down, he tries to persuade them to cooperate to save Paradise Towers.

Mel is refreshed and wants to leave. But Tabby and Tilda won't let her go, now that the Kangs are wise to their ways. Tilda throws a net over her head and Tabby advances on her with a toasting fork…
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