Doctor Who (1963)

Season 10 Episode 17

Planet of the Daleks, Episode Three

Aired Saturday 5:15 PM Apr 21, 1973 on BBC

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  • The Doctor and his rebel friend plan an escape from the Daleks while Jo and her invisible friend try their own plan.

    Unfortunately the episode didn't quite pan as I hoped. The Daleks didn't have a lot to show here. The bit with the Doctor trying a jamming mechanism and placing it on the Dalek was too silly to take seriously.

    There were a couple of good bits though, the doctor's line about abhorring violence yet feeling satisfied in stopping the Daleks was good. Their escape was typical of the Doctor-hide in a corner, then move behind the Dalek, This was an episode where a boost in the special effects would have helped tremendously. The part where the Doctor and Marat are on an elevator looks entirely fake!!!! You never see the camera move and up down which would made the scene a bit more realistic instead you just see the elevator's light's flash on and off.

    The cliffhanger with the Doctor and his friends trying to float out of the ventilator shafts was allright though.