Doctor Who (1963)

Season 11 Episode 26

Planet of the Spiders, Part Six

Aired Saturday 5:15 PM Jun 08, 1974 on BBC

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  • Planet of the Spiders is one of the scariest, but exciting Doctor Who adventures ever made. It marks the end of Jon Pertwee, who transforms into Tom Baker in the conclusion of Part Six. Tom Baker was uncredited as Doctor Who at the end the story, but we

    see Tom Baker's name credited in "Robot." The Doctor risks death to return to the cave of the Great One and free the Universe from her power. The ending of Part Six is the final episode for Jon Pertwee. Tom Baker was approached about playing Doctor Who, when he was on a brick site. He was hired as Pertwee's replacement. Known as "The Tall Lightbulb," Pertwee continued to attend Doctor Who conventions, and played Dr. Who in "The Five Doctors," starring Peter Davison as the Doctor. Planet of the Spiders was the most exciting adventure to date on TV, today. The Third Doctor gets lost for 3 weeks, and whe the Tatdis arrives, the Doctor is so weakened that he falls to the floor. Elisabeth Sladen gives a emotional performance when Sarah cries whe the Doctor dies. K'Ampo appears and tells Sarah that the Doctor isn't dead. Sarah stands up, and in tears, she says she doesn't think she can take much more. K'Ampo says that the Doctor is alive. Sarah cries harder when she says that the Doctor is dead. K'Ampo explains that the Doctor's body was badly damaged by the crystals, but that he is a Time Lord. He tells Sarah that he will give the process a little push, and the cells will regenerate, and the Doctor will become a new man. He aids the Doctor, and the Doctor regenerates for third time into a much younger Doctor (Tom Baker.) Pertwee died in 1996, and Lis Sladen was saddened and heartbroken and she cried for weeks after Pertwee died. Pertwee appeared in The Five Doctors in 1983. Jon Pertwee regenerated into Tom Baker in the conclusion of Planet of the Spiders in 1974.
  • Wow!

    One of my all time favourite episodes at the time, this story still looms large in my memory. The big spiders! The chanting ("oom, haddy haddy um!")! The end of the world (again). It was good to have a resolution to the Mike Yates sub-plot, tragic to witness the death of the Doctor (I had watched since Troughton, but this was my first regeneration scene). Life, or at least Saturday tea time, would never be the same again. According to one of the novels, an irradiated Doctor took hundreds of years dying in his Tardis before returning to Earth, which is really too horrid to contemplate!
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