Doctor Who (1963)

Season 25 Episode 4

Remembrance of the Daleks, Part Four

Aired Saturday 5:15 PM Oct 26, 1988 on BBC
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Remembrance of the Daleks, Part Four
The fight between the two Dalek factions breaks out into open war. But what will the Imperial Daleks do once they have a source of such tremendous power?

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  • An explosive end to an explosive storyline.

    What HASN'T Remembrance covered? Avid followers of the show were treated to hints (both visual and verbal) to previous episodes and Doctors, while fans old and new reveled in the biggest threat of all- a Dalek that could go up stairs!

    In the conclusion of the face-off between the Imperial and Renegade Dalek factions, the Doctor's quick thinking and smooth talking means the threat eliminates itself. Although a little hard to follow (as the other 3 episodes in this storyline were at times), the general gist could be followed, and the action was good enough.

    Remembrance has to be one of the best Dalek storylines to date- explosive, truly terrifying and as tense as ever.moreless
Simon Williams

Simon Williams


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Dursley McLinden

Dursley McLinden


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Pamela Salem

Pamela Salem


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Terry Molloy

Terry Molloy


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John Scott Martin

John Scott Martin

Dalek Operator

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Cy Town

Cy Town

Dalek Operator

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Equipment Visible: The string holding the Dalek shuttlecraft is just visible as it lands.

    • When Davros is shown speaking, the electric eye on his forehead blinks in time with his speech, mimicking the dome lights on the Emperor Dalek shell. Davros never exhibited this before.

    • When the Imperial Daleks attack at Ratcliffe's office, the Black Dalek retreats into the building. As it does, some mysterious forces closes the sliding door behind it.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Mike: Ace.
      Ace: Go away.
      Mike: I didn't know it was the Daleks. I was just doing Mr. Ratcliffe a favor.
      Ace: Do me a favour and drown yourself.

    • Davros: Have pity on me!
      The Doctor: I do have pity for you. Goodbye, Davros. It hasn't been pleasant.

    • Davros: Are you threatening me? If so, it would be most unwise.
      The Doctor: Everytime our paths have crossed, I've defeated you.

    • Ace: What did you do to it?
      The Doctor: I shorted it out. Daleks are such boring conversationalists.

    • Ace: Doctor. We did good, didn't we?
      The Doctor: Perhaps. Time will tell. It always does.

    • The Doctor: This is the Doctor. President elect of the high council of the Time Lords. Keeper of the Legacy of Rassilon. Defender of the Laws of Time. Protector of Gallifrey. I call upon you to surrender the hand of Omega and return to your customary time and place.
      Davros: Ah… Doctor. You have changed again. Your appearance is as inconstant as your intelligence. You have confounded me for the last time.

    • Davros: The Daleks shall become Lords of Time! We shall become all –
      The Doctor: "Powerful! Crush the lesser races! Conquer the galaxy! Unimaginable power! Unlimited rice pudding! Et cetera! Et cetera!

  • NOTES (9)

    • The original script for this serial intended for the Special Weapons Dalek to be on the side of the Renegades, and, instead of possessing a high-powered laser, having the ability to fire round walls.

    • Sylvester McCoy had wanted to perform the sequence where the Doctor slides across the rope using his umbrella. However, the BBC wouldn't clear this so the stunt was performed by Tip Tipping.

    • The first draft of this serial envisaged a floating battle platform, modelled on the battle platform piloted by Skeletor in the Masters of the Universe live action film, upon which a dozen or so Daleks would be situated. However, there was not enough money in the budget to create both this platform and the explosives and effects work in Part Two. The platform was replaced by the Special Weapons Dalek, a single mobile Dalek cannon, which required a simple modification of a Dalek casing.

    • According to the novel War Of The Daleks, Skaro escaped destruction. The Daleks acquired British Government files relating to the events in this story during The Dalek Invasion Of Earth. The future destruction of Skaro became known to the Emperor Dalek, who moved Skaro safely away to somewhere else and shifted an entire planet, Antalin, into Skaro's orbit and remade it to look like Skaro, fooling the Doctor.

    • In a deleted scene, the Doctor reveals to Davros, when he is told that "In the end, you are merely another Time Lord!": "Oh, Davros, I am far more than merely another Time Lord!" This little thread, coupled with earlier aired dialogue that indicated he might have actually helped create Time Lord time travel technology. Backed up by nebulous dialogue from Silver Nemesis, these were introduced into the Seventh Doctor stories to try and restore an air of mystery and possible menace that was underscored in the early First Doctor episodes. Unfortunately, these plot threads were never resolved within the show itself before the series was cancelled.

      The deleted scene featured in the documentary programme 30 Years in the Tardis (released on VHS as More than 30 Years in the TARDIS) as well as the Remembrance of the Daleks DVD.

    • During the filming of the destruction of the junkyard door at Ratcliffe's, an over indulgence of explosives on the part of the pyrotechnics crew resulted in two unintended consequences. First, some prop Daleks suffered damage and burn marks. Second, the explosion apparently generated enough shockwave to rattle windows and set off burglar alarms. The footage of this shoot is included on the DVD release of this story.

    • This story makes good use of two then newer technologies that eventually became common place as a source for props. The Time Controller used by the Black Dalek is a plasma globe, which eventually became cheap enough for speciality stores to sell for domestic use. When the Doctor is shorting out the Imperial Dalek controlling the landing shuttle, the wires he is crossing are merely fibre optic cables but the light passing through looks rather impressive.

    • Davros does not die. Instead, he enters suspended animation. He returns in the Eighth Doctor novel War of the Daleks.

    • The Doctor points out that his ability to rewire a piece of alien machinery comes from "900 years of experience."


    • The Dalek unable to disengage from the shuttle controls may be an homage to a sequence from the Doctor Who Magazine comic strip, Absolam Daak, Dalek Killer, in which Absolam tosses a bomb at a control Dalek for a ship that is similarly immobile, connected by wires and hoses to its globes.

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