Doctor Who (1963)

Season 12 Episode 17

Revenge of the Cybermen, Part One

Aired Saturday 5:15 PM Apr 19, 1975 on BBC

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  • Unexciting and poorly written

    (This is a review of all four parts of Revenge of the Cybermen)

    For the most part I didn't think story was as dire as the annals of Doctor Who have suggested, but as it progresses it gets increasingly sillier, without being particularly engaging or exciting along the way.

    The core problem is that the Cybermen aren't very scary, at least not in these episodes anyway. The voices behind them aren't threatening and the dialogue is lazy and at times laughable. The poor writing even undermines the 'revenge' of the title, as the script at one point portrays the Cybermen as only wanting to hurt the Doctor so they can take pride in how big the explosion that kills him will be. Hilarious!

    The production effects are generally not bad for this point in television history, although the side is let down in the last episode when a rocket taking off is shown through stock footage. Not even the good acting of Tom Baker and Elizabeth Sladen save this outing from mediocrity.