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  • Unbeatable Classic One!

    There are not enough compliments to give for the Doctor Who show and this is my unprecedented TV show in the history of television! It really touched my life in a simple way by being entertained while watching each episodes of this show. Tom Baker is also the main factor why I watch this up to the end, his acting ability is simply great! Since I'm a fan of this series, I want to own a complete collection of the classic version to relieve the memories. I obtained my Doctor Who classic series from memorylanedvd. com which turned out to be a great buy. Absolutely amazing quality! It also has the entire and I'm definitely contented with this purchase!! I'm so happy to experience watching my favorite show again. Definitely a must have for every classic series fan.
  • Doctor Who

    Love the classic! I'm just getting into it but I'm finding it fascinating to watch from the 60's.
  • 1963-1996

    First Doctor

    Portrayed by William Hartnell Tenure 1963–1966 First appearance An Unearthly Child Last appearance The Tenth Planet (regular)
    The Three Doctors (played by William Hartnell) The Five Doctors (played by Richard Hurndall) Number of series 4 Appearances 29 stories (134 episodes) Companions on television: Susan, Barbara, Ian, Vicki, Steven, Katarina, Sara, Dodo, Ben, Polly

    The First of our Doctors but not necessarily my favourites (though it should be pointed out that there aren't any I detest), Hartnell's rather old Doctor was a cantankerous so and so with a young granddaughter in Susan and a bigger desire to get rid of the two teachers who more or less became a part of his first adventures. An Unearthly Child was a rather modest way of opening a series that would have a 40 plus year history but it was also a nice way of establishing the show's concept about travelling and in Hartnell's era we did see Cavemen, Marco Polo and King Richard and he was also the same Doctor that gave us both the Daleks (both on Skaro in The Daleks and invading London in The Dalek Invasion On Earth) and Cybermen, with the latter's introduction in The Tenth Planet signalling Hartnell's exit from the TARDIS. Plus one of the companions also died during his tenure as Time Lord. Doctor Number 1 did also pop up to help/antagonise his successors in both The Three Doctors and The Five Doctors as well.

    Second Doctor

    Portrayed by Patrick Troughton Tenure 1966–1969 First appearance The Tenth Planet Last appearance The War Games (regular)
    The Three Doctors, The Five Doctors, The Two Doctors (guest star) Number of series 3 Appearances 21 stories (119 episodes) Companions on television: Ben, Polly, Jamie, Victoria, Zoe Would you believe that he's one of my favourites? A rather happy, manic guy with a penchant for a recorder, Troughton brought some more humour to the role than his predecessor upon his debut in The Tenth Planet and we also got two of the best companions in both genius Zoe and Highlander Jamie as well as epic moments involving the Daleks in The Power Of The Daleks and The Evil Of The Daleks and the Cybermen in both Tomb Of The Cybermen and The Invasion as well as a memorable confrontation with The Ice Warriors and the Macra as well. Like Hartnell, Troughton's duration on the series would only be for three seasons and his exit in The War Games is memorable for the callous way the Time Lords erased both Jamie and Zoe's memories and their own particular punishment of the Second Doctor himself. It also didn't stop him from popping up in The Three Doctors, The Five Doctors and The Two Doctors where where he offered his help to Doctors Three, Five and Six. It's also around his era that UNIT would pop up to occasionally help The Doctor as well.

    Third Doctor

    Portrayed by Jon Pertwee Tenure 1970–1974 First appearance Spearhead from Space Last appearance Planet of the Spiders (regular) The Five Doctors (guest star) Number of series 5 Appearances 24 stories (128 episodes) Companions UNIT, Liz, Jo, Sarah, Another incredibly strong Doctor, Jon Pertwee's era represented an impressive lot of firsts for the series as a whole. Aside from the fact his lasted five years as The Third Doctor (along with Bessie the dream car), his era also saw the debut of some of the series most impressive of villains with the Autons in Spearhead From Space, rogue Time Lord The Master (played by Roger Delgado) in Terror Of The Autons and the Sontarans in The Time Warrior. This was also the very era that debuted many pivotal and fan favourite companions into the mix as well come to think of it. Cool, calm and collected scientist Liz Shaw made for a welcome relief of the more screaming assistants we had in the past and it's a pity that she departs after the seventh season. Jo Grant is by far the most important companion of the bunch and perhaps the first in which The Doctor really showed feelings for. Her departure in The Green Death even saw The Doctor unable to celebrate her engagement to Cliff Jones and she's the only companion to have lasted three full seasons during the Pertwee era of the series. Then again sassy Uber-feminist and journalist Sarah Jane Smith would then go on to be one of the most enduring companion and a lot of that is down to Elisabeth Sladen's magnificent performance as well Sarah's abilities to show her cunning, notably during her debut in The Time Warrior. Also 34 years after her first appearance on the series has her own series called The Sarah Jane Adventures. UNIT also played a prominent role in the Third Doctor's largely earthbound adventures. Both The Brigadier and Sergeant John Benton had been familiar with the audience from the Second Doctor but here both men formed a close friendship with The Doctor and were able to get him out of many a tight predicament. The most interesting member of the UNIT bunch however was Captain Mike Yates. Aside from the fact his debut episode Terror Of The Autons was the same episode to debut both Jo Grant and The Master, Mike Yates may have featured less than The Brig or Benton but he was given some pretty interesting character development (when he wasn't getting kidnapped half the time). In The Green Death he succumbed to being hypnotised by the BOSS computer and even betrayed UNIT during Operation Golden Age during Invasion Of The Dinosaurs through a misguided attempt to help the world. That resulted him being forced to retire from UNIT. The writers did give the man some redemption in Planet Of The Spiders when he alerted The Doctor and Sarah Jane to the goings on of a creepy cult in the Meditation Centre he happened to be staying in. He might also be the first gay companion if certain rumours are to believed as well. It's also worth noting that from here on in the show went from black and white to colour and even had The Doctor involuntarily bound to Earth as punishment from the Time Lords. The show also celebrated itself tenth anniversary in The Three Doctors with exiled Time Lord Omega attempting to become corporeal by using The Doctor and the rivalry between him and The Master surfaced throughout several episodes such as The Mind Of Evil, The Daemons and The Sea Devils as well as our favourite deranged pepper pots wreaking havoc in the likes of Day Of The Daleks, Planet Of The Daleks and Death To The Daleks as well as the brilliant alternative reality episode Inferno before departing in Planet Of The Spiders. To me this was definitely the best era in the old series history. We got the best Doctor, Villains, Companions and a lot of these stories just stand up better than later versions of the Time Lord.

    Fourth Doctor

    Portrayed by Tom Baker Tenure 1974–1981 First appearance Planet of the Spiders (Episode 4) Last appearance Logopolis (regular)
    The Five Doctors (archive footage) Number of series 7 Appearances 41 stories (172 episodes) Companions on television: Sarah, Harry, Leela, K-9 (Marks I and II), Romana(I and II) Adric, Tegan, Nyssa

    Tom Baker was certainly a force to be reckoned with and regardless of on set antics, there's no denying no matter how a particular story in his era was, his presence could be felt in outer space. For a lot of people, he is the Doctor and in the seven years since his first full story in Robot, Baker's Doctor had both Sarah Jane and Harry for the first year and a half when the latter left in Terror Of The Zygons and the former was abandoned in The Hand Of Fear. The main villains of the series had some interesting outings but after the Daleks, Cybermen and The Master, another long lasting big bad emerged in Dalek creator, Davros. Every bit fuelled with hate as his creations Davros schemed against The Doctor/Sarah Jane/Harry in Genesis Of The Daleks (which is possibly the best story in the series' history) and Destiny Of The Daleks. Our pepper pots also caused their fair amount of chaos in both these instalments and the Cybermen also re-emerged in Revenge Of The Cybermen. When Sarah Jane departed, Leela had been the next main girl before the sixteen season had The Doctor travelling with Time Lady Romana Mark 1 for the season's 26 episodes/6 stories. Played by Mary Tamm, Romana was another companion written to intellectually equal The Doctor and her second incarnation played by Lalla Ward both encounter Davros in Destiny Of The Daleks and married Tom Baker in real life. Her tenure was also significant for the introduction of K9 and an unaired episode called Shada in which bits would be used for The Five Doctors. The Master who hadn't been seen since 1973 would also return aged and decayed in The Keeper Of Traken and then rejuvenated and played by Anthony Ainley by the time of Logopolis. The Master's latest form would look like that of one of The Doctor's companions Nyssa's father before The Doctor himself would regenerate in this particular story. By the last season in his tenure, The Doctor had three companions including the reserved Nyssa, unfairly loathed by some Adric and mouthy air stewardess Tegan Jovanka.

    Fifth Doctor Portrayed by Peter Davison Tenure 1981–1984 First appearance Logopolis (Episode 4) Last appearance The Caves of Androzani Number of series 3 Appearances 20 stories (69 episodes) Companions on television: Adric, Nyssa, Tegan, Turlough, Kamelion, Peri

    By far the younger cast of the Doctors, Peter Davison was a strapping 29 year old when he bagged the role as Time Lord and his debut in Castrovalva had him in yet another one of The Master's elaborate traps and their rivalry would certainly escalate in the 19th season's convoluted finale Time-Flight which also saw a temporary departure for Tegan. Not that she could be missed as she appeared in the opening episode of the twentieth season Arc Of Infinity, which was also significant for the return of Omega. Maybe it's me but there's some rather unsatisfying about Omega's return and some of the stories in Davison's tenure aren't quite as strong, despite him being a wonderful Doctor. A lot of the departures however are incredibly powerful such as Adric's sacrifice against the Cybermen in the glorious Earthshock or Tegan's realisation that's it's no longer travelling with The Doctor in Resurrection Of The Daleks, another episode that would see the return of Davros. Nyssa's in Terminus is more downbeat and creepy school boy's Turlough is okay enough. Another significant moments from the Fifth Doctor's era includes the show's twentieth anniversary special The Five Doctors which not only had the first five time incarnation of The Doctor together but it also was the only story to have the Daleks, Cybermen and The Master together as well as several returned companions like Susan, Jamie, Zoe, Sarah Jane. Other companions in this time included Kamelion and botanist Peri Brown, the show's American companion whose debut in Planet Of Fire saw a fiery death for The Master and the show hit a dark moment in The Caves Of Androzani when The Doctor suffered one of his most violent regenerations. Post onscreen action, Davison has reprised the role of The Fifth Doctor for audio CD's thanks to Big Finish and for the 2007 Children In Need scene called Time Crash, he will end up meeting David Tennant's Tenth Doctor.

    Sixth Doctor

    Portrayed by Colin Baker Tenure 1984–1986 First appearance The Caves of Androzani Last appearance The Trial of a Time Lord: The Ultimate Foe
    Time and the Rani (Replaced by Sylvester McCoy) Number of series 3 Appearances 11 stories (31 episodes) Companions on television: Peri Brown and Melanie Bush

    Quite possibly my least favourite Doctor from the ten there has been on TV but nevertheless poor Colin Baker was a good example of doing the best he could with what he had. He wasn't quite as awful as you'd think but sadly he came onto the show at a time when the people behind the show weren't supporting it enough. He's also been the only person cast as The Doctor who has played another role in the series, such as Maxil in Arc Of Infinity. The Twin Dilemma is a decent enough debut but the return of the Cybermen in Attack Of The Cybermen is easily one of his best stories from the series as well as the forced team up between The Master and rogue Time Lady The Rani in Mark Of The Rani, set during the Industrial Revolution. One of the things that bugged me is that Baker's Doctor could often be too shouty or overly aggressive towards Peri. Granted Peri can be quite annoying but it's still a shock to see him try to strangle her in The Twin Dilemma and while Timelash is one of the worst episodes in the show's history, there's another interesting Dalek/Davros confrontation in Revelation Of The Daleks as well as the meeting of the Second and Sixth Doctors against the Sontaran in The Two Doctors. Halfway throughout the series, Peri then left and The Doctor wound up with high screamer Melanie Bush with a very OTT performance and once again, The Doctor ended up facing trial in Baker's last season. Thanks to the joys of Audio CD, Baker has gotten the opportunity to continue his role as The Doctor.

    Seventh Doctor Portrayed by Sylvester McCoy Tenure 1987–1996 First appearance Time and the Rani Last appearance Survival (regular) Doctor Who (guest star) Number of series 3 Appearances 12 stories (42 episodes) Companions on television: Mel and Ace

    Heading into the last three years of the show, despite producers being interested in the series, it seemed the poor show had even less support, which is odd given how interesting a lot of the stories in the era really are to a point. Time And The Rani was a good way of introducing Sylvester McCoy as well having a return for Kate O'Mara's bad girl Time Lady but the season's finale Dragonfire ditched us of annoying Mel and debuted IMO the original series' best companion to boot Ace. A volatile girl with an aptitude for explosives and out dated phrases, Ace's dynamic with The Doctor is something that would definitely be influential to the likes of Rose, Captain Jack and Martha but here it's more father/daughter than lovers and as a results, it's perhaps more effective. Ace goes through personal journeys in the likes of Battlefield and The Curse Of Fenric and even has the pleasure of physically assaulting a Dalek in Remembrance Of The Daleks, which would be the last story for both them and Davros as well as meeting the Cybermen in their last tale, Silver Nemesis. In the series finale, Survival, Ace would then have an encounter with The Master as the series then wrapped up with The Doctor musing about work that had to be done. The show's cancellation may have came out of nowhere but it didn't kill McCoy doing Audio adventures like Peter Davison and Colin Baker.

    Eighth Doctor

    Portrayed by Paul McGann Tenure 1996 First appearance Doctor Who: The Enemy Within Last appearance Doctor Who: The Enemy Within Number of series None Appearances 1 story (1 episode) Companions on television: Grace

    The shortest running of the Doctors with only the 1996 TV Movie as a credit, McGann's adventure with doctor Grace against The Master (played by Eric Roberts) was the Beeb's first attempt to resurrect the series and while it may have it's flaws, it's certainly not the worst thing I've seen. McGann was great but perhaps the most vulnerable of our Time Lords and his credibility is cemented due to an image of him in the Tenth Doctor episode Human Nature. We've also gotten more adventures for him via Big Finish and the wonderful world of comics.
  • Timelord and his companions as they travel through time/space saving the ones they come across. You learn about people interaction and some scientific theories.The BBC did not give the show enough money over look the set up, enjoy the show. And check out

    Has there ever been a longer running better TV show. The show became new with each new Doctor. Peter Davison left too soon. Colin Baker does not get the credit he should and Tom Baker is not the \"great one\". Yes he was one of the top two Doctors, I liked Davison better, but Colin Baker seem to care more about the show and the fans than Tom Baker does.
  • The longest-running Science Fiction show in the history of television, Doctor Who really raised the bar for intelligent TV.

    Doctor Who had a fresh way of ensuring survival: having the lead character, The Doctor, with the ability to regenerate, experiencing a complete physical change, this could allow a different actor to continue where the former actor leaves off. A certain flexibility also existed, where the actor could add his own interpretations of the Doctor's nuances and foibles, script rigidity notwithstanding. Since 1963, eight actors have played the role of the Doctor, until its end in 1996, with the shortest tenure being held by Paul McGann, who was cast only for the TV Movie in 1996. Some of the players have received much praise, such as Tom Baker, the infamous "Fourth Doctor" whose tenure was the longest, eight years. Others have endured criticism, such as Peter Davison (The Fifth Doctor) and Colin Baker (The Sixth Doctor).

    Lay the blame wherever you like for why the show had weaknesses; over the course of 26 contiguous years, every aspect of the making of the show would be bound to be at fault at one time or another. Of particular note would probably be the production values, as the BBC had only decided to shell out the big bucks for epic production technology in the past ten to fifteen years, so the early years of Doctor Who, especially in the early 1980s, looked cheesy. Still, the show has amassed millions of fans worldwide and fandom did not waiver during those dark years following the show's end. Doctor Who lives!
  • A great Sci-Fi classic that has aged well!

    I first stumbled upon Doctor Who on PBS back when I was about 9 or 10. They were showing repeats from the Tom Baker era (this was when Peter Davison was the Doctor in real time) and they just hooked me! Doctor Who was full of low budget cheesy effects but the stories and the imagination behind them are what got me the most. Daleks and Cybermen stalked my childhood nightmares while words like sonic screwdriver, Time Lord, vortex, time lines, TARDIS, ect became part of my vocab. My childhood would have been significantly poorer without the good Doctor and his TARDIS.
  • One of the best shows ever to come from British television.

    I really enjoy the adventures of the good Doctor. People from all over the world have marvelled at his exciting explots for almost four generations now. This show is as old as my brother Mark, and yet it has not grown old yet. For almost 45 years we watched as the Doctor traveled through time and space in the barely functioning TARDIS as he saves the universe from ruthless villains and hostile aliens from the past, the present, and the future. This show isn't only exciting, but it is also often funny as well. I personaly hope that this show lasts another 45 years.
  • science fiction series

    I first leant of this show and saw a few episodes at the Powerhouse Museum in 2003 when they had some screening to mark the 40th anniversary of the show. It was run (the classic series (1963-89) minus a few dalek eps and missing or incomplete eps) on ABC between 2003 and 2006 and i watched every episode run and enjoyed the series. I much prefer it to the new version (2005-) and have not seen the Cushing or McGann movies. My favourite era would be Jon Pertwees and my favourite theme would be the original sequence. The opening sequence graphics using the howlaround effect are quite superb and the music by Delia Derbyshire is one of the best pieces i have heard. Later sequences were very good though not as much so as the first one. The plots in this show are original, wierd, and science fictionesque. The characters are good, though as a live action show the acting is not as good as in a cartoon- but for a live action show it is very good, and would easily be my favourite science fiction series of all time. The doctor certainly presents an interesting character- the mysterious alien who picks up companions and travels about doing good- but it is a pity such sorts of character are not copied much- his seems to be the only such character i know of yet there is potential in such characters for expansion into other realms. The worldds, aliens (''monsters'') and companions are all great characters- and i guess this is predictable, but my favourite enemy would be the daleks. the daleks of course are not the only good villains. as a singular unit the master would be my favourite villain, but as a plural collective the daleks would be. the daleks are the perfect creature- entirely robotic except for a brainlike mutation of the original kaled species within the metal unit that acts purely as a brain function i suppose. in non canon illustrations there is indicated a 'war computer' and it would seem odd davros has not fully computerised the units- perhaps he feels he needs to feel that a creature can be the most successful thing rather than a machine, or perhaps his technology was lacking. as to the cybermen they portray darth vaderesque cyborgian characteristics though seem far more robotic than vader. a very enjoyable series, i would say that it is at its best during pertwees era, excellent during the first five doctors, quite good during the sixth doctors role and entertaining during the seventh. the seventh doctors era is fresh, decidedly modern, but seems lacking. perhaps if it had been produced today with modern effects and a etter budget it would be one of the best seasons. all in all a good series and with my favorite theme, villains, title sequence of any tv show.
  • :)

    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :):) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) I love this show it is really cool. Doctor Who? Yes that's his name. It is just a genius show as to Doctor Who being a genius. Let's just say. I leave it at that. I wish they made more episodes of this awesome show. That would make my day. Totally. I am going to the forums. Bye bye now!
  • Doctor Who. From cheap costumes and effects to great CGI, this is the all time best Science Fiction show from British television. From William Hartnell to David Tenant the Doctors have all been great characters, FANTASTIC!

    I have watched this show since the very beginning and have never been disappointed yet. From William Hartnell in Pre History, to David Tenant at the end of the Universe this has been a great journey that even Star Trek would have had trouble equalling. I have seen all of the Television Doctors and my two favourites before Christopher Ecleston and David Tenant were John Pertwee and his ancient car, and Tom Baker and his neck scarf that in today’s health and safety culture would be thought of as a major safety hazard. Let’s hope the Doctor and his companions (whoever they are) continue travelling through time and space for many years to come.
  • This is almost as good as Torchwood. There is such a low difference in quality that this show doesn't even lose a 0.1 rating from me. A truly classic show.

    The original Doctor Who follows the lives of 8 people. But in a way, it is the same person. 'The Doctor' can regenerate.. form a new body.. every time it gets damaged. Well, not every time. Only 14 times.. but unfortunately the show had to close before they reached that number. So, who is this doctor? He is a time lord. We don't know much about the Time Lord's.. only that they can regenerate, travel in time and space AND (this is bad..) that they were destoryed in the great Time War. All except one. That one is the Doctor.

    The Doctor fought against the 'daleks' alongside all the other Time Lords. These are basically a pinkish weak alien creature put inside a 'dalekanium' case, and given the control over laser beams, suckers.. it should be called a death machine! It is often argued that the Doctor should simply be able travel back in time and save the Time Lords. But another side of the agrument is that the Daleks attacked the Time Lords in EVERY time that they existed.

    The Doctor travels in his TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimensions in Space) often with a companion. Each time he regenerates, he has a different personality and is usually younger (some of the actors have been older than the previous ones :P).

    Although he calls himself 'The Doctor', we do not know is real name. Theorys are, as a result, all over the place. Some say his name is unpronouncable. Some say he was medically trained as a Time Lord. All we know is that without him, the world wouldn't be the same. A true classic.

    The Doctor's and The Actors:
    1st Doctor - William Hartnell
    2nd Doctor - Patrick Troughton
    3rd Doctor - Jon Pertwee
    4th Doctor - Tom Baker
    5th Doctor - Peter Davison
    6th Doctor - Colin Baker
    7th Doctor - Sylvester McCoy
    8th Doctor - Paul McGann
    9th Doctor - Christopher Eccleston, See Doctor Who (2005)
    10th Doctor - David Tennant, See Doctor Who (2005)

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  • A worth while sci-fi!

    I love Doctor Who it is my total childhood. Even though it's tacky and pretty much low budget it still turned out amazing! The memorable monsters that are still being used today left me terrified and im still looking around corners just incase a dalek decides to pop out!

    What amazing acting from the cast. The doctors and companions are what made the series (apart from the occasional 6th doctor and Mel...) great! Their acting is what brought the show to life because lets face it, the tacky backdrops were never too helpful!

    Favourite Doctor? has to be Tom Baker or Patrick Troughton. I would love to see more of his stories!

    Favourite Companion? Sarah Jane or Joe. They were so cool.

    Favourite Episode/Serial? The Android Invasion
  • Doctor Who was a Sci-fi cult classic in it's day. Tales of a scientist/doctor who has a time machine and a robot dog named K9. He is accompanied by his beautiful sidekick Ramada. They travel through time helping people and saving lost treasures.

    Doctor Who in my opinion was the best. I really liked the Tom Baker episodes! He played the excentric doctor to the Tea! He was charasmatic. He also was a goof which made the show a classic. His time machine was made to look like a red phone booth, from England. With this tool they travel to different times and different planets. The Doctor is very kind hearted and always wants to help anyone who will let him. They fight Evil lords and even Space aliens trying to dominate the time. I like the other doctors as well but when I think of Doctor Who, I think of Tom Baker and his shiny red hair and his long scarf his ever present bag of jelly babies! They are airing a new Doctor Who on the Sci-fi channel, but I think they should replay all of the old classics. I would rather see a cult classic then a remake piece of poop! That's just my opinion. If you get the chance check it out.
  • Brilliant! One Word! Brilliant!

    Doctor Who is potentially one of the best Sci-Fi shows, If not THE best Sci-Fi show Britain has ever produced, Or in fact the world! Classic Doctor Who still dazels auidences of any age to this day! Even though i'm 13 and don't remember Doctor Who originally (Cause i wasn't born) i still have started to cllect the DVDs, i currently has 12, and that's saying something, I.e. this show rocks! I wake up early ever Saturday and Sunday to catch the Doctor Who Omnibus on UKTV Gold! The storylines are just great, teh acting is brilliant and the whole concept of the show just makes you shout "I WANT MORE!"
  • The Doctor, a time travelling alien, explores the universe and time through his ship, the TARDIS. With constantly changing companions and even reflections, he journey's throughout time fighting wrongs and discovering new knowledge.

    This is a FANTASTIC show. I would rate it much higher, but with the difficulty of viewing every available episode in the US, I have yet to see all of the series. So far, of the four Doctors that I have seen (1st and Fourth, 9th and 10th) my favourite is the latest of the series. Tenaant manages to transition between immense humour into dark and touching sorrow in such an intriguing fashion. And that is perhaps the hallmark of the series. While fun and bright most of the time, there are darker tones that flash briefly in the story that have a profound effect on me personally. In some of the more recent stories I find it amazing how quickly that the show will go from a fun adventure to stark glance into the Doctor's soul and vice versa (The recenct season finale is the greates finale in the history of television.. What!?). It is the darker side of the story that draws me in though. The pain and loneliness of the Doctor is so powerful that it makes him the most interesting character I have ever watched or read. I hope that SCI-FI here decides to continue airing the series as it continues, and hopefully brings in Torchwood as well, because is one of the best shows on TV.
  • Loved it way back when and to this day...

    First I have great memories of watching this show with the family while growing up. I think it was the first series I was ever addicted to. "Who" would have thought back then. I will admit I had my favorite Doctors but the best part and classic was the telephone booth. I think everyone knows the doctor by that booth, even non fans. It has been one of the longest last, heck still is longest lasting show out there in any series. (If I am wrong that is not the point) I loved the wonders that we lived with the doctor every time we landed and the places, people, and things. His robot dog was the boom and long last enemy was our fear. Long live Doctor WHO?!?!?!?!?!
  • Time cannot wither him..

    I\'ve watched Dr Who since the seventies; my first remembered incarnation played by Jon Pertwee. Tom Baker\'s Doctor has always been my favorite with his wry humour, eccentricty and jelly babies always to hand.
    Terry Nation\'s legacy has been passed on to the worthy Russell T. Davies whose 21stC vision for the timelord has been original, exciting and suitably scary and humourous in turns. Although I like Paul McGann as an actor the 90s TV movies was an absolute embarressment. I thought Chris Eccleston was wonderful and think the current doctor played by David Tennant is sexy as anything.
    I\'ve been watching the new spin-off; Torchwood; and have to say that despite the fact that I was worried that a new pretender might taint the original\'s reputation it has proved to be riveting. It\'s much more grown up (after all despite the fact that as many adults watch Who as children it has always been a BBC children\'s show) and I\'ll be interested to see the back stories for the central characters.
  • The last of his race, a Time Lord, The Doctor. Travelling through time and space in his Tardis, countering the attacks of evil. With changing hero, side-kick and styles but ever familiar foe that come back time and time again.

    This show has the ultimate story device for changing the main actor, because The Doctor regenerate upon death. There have been highs (Tom Baker) and lows (Sylvester McCoy), but this show defined the \'hide behind the sofa\' on a Saturday evening time for a whole generation. It is one of the few shows that the fans wanted to see come back that actually did, putting the BBC on a ratings winner, something other networks should take note of. It now has a spin off \'Torchwood\' for a more aldult audience, but the jury is still out on this.
  • A Great Journey

    I followed the "Dr. Who" series in the 1980's because of the fourth doctor, Tom Baker. I saw all the doctors since the show premiered in 1963, and thanks to PBS, the ran all the Dr. Who episodes, with the exception of the lost episodes. The reason for giving the series an overall 9.0, is simple, there are Dr. Who episodes that I like and Dr. Who episodes that I don't like. In addition to the doctors, There are the Who helpers. I narrow it down to two of my favorites, Elisabeth Sladen and Lalla Ward. Elisabeth plays a smart character Sarah jane Smith. And I every time she's on the screen, I couldn't take my eyes off her. Especially in one Dr. Who episode where was in a long dress. Golly Gee she's hot. But my personal Who helper is Lalla Ward. she is a hot actress. she is my personal favorite. I fell in love with her and I didn't know she married Tom Baker until I read about the news in a back issue of the Sunday Times of London. Oh well, thjeir marriage lasted for only 16 months anyway. Lalla Ward is not only my favorite Who helper, she is the sexiest woman of the series. and I happen to like the series and I hope to be watching the series again.
  • An intrepid adventurer travels space and time to battle evil and look snappy.

    Ever get the feeling you're the last person who wants to do right?

    That's the challenge that besets the good doctor of the title, who uses a mysterious booth called the Tardis to roam the universe and fend off forces that would destroy humanity.

    This series has gone through many decades and cast members, but my favorite Doctor is still Tom Baker. Armed with sarcastic wit, a colorful scarf and a robot dog, the good man grappled with diabolical aliens, scheming androids and other sinister elements to protect us fragile creatures in the 'normal' world.

    The show is back in a new incarnation with a different cast. It's introduced millions of new viewers to this dramatic story.

    We do have someone on our side. If only he'd get another dog...
  • I love this show

    This is a classic , the man known as the doctor travels trhough time and space from the time of romans and earth to the distant future on Skaro he aided by many compations, they travel in the doctor\'s ship which is the Tardis which looks like a police box. The doctor has many enimes such as the daleks the very first monsters he encountered to the cyberman , creatures that used to look like us but have removed all their emtions to the yeti to monsters closer to home the ice warriors from mars
  • tom baker was the best

    this is one of the only british shows i ever liked. my favorite doctor was tom baker. the special effects were crude, but the stories were great. i think the best story line was the trail of the time lord. i watched the show on pbs on sunday mornings during the 1980's
  • This is the ORIGINAL run of \"Doctor Who\", from 1963 to 1989. \"Doctor Who (2005) I\'ve covered in its own section. Both are very different entities.

    The original show definitely took risks. It\'s first producer was a woman (rare for 1963). The sci-fi concepts were treated seriously. We had educational stories based in Earth\'s history, while exploring new worlds. Indeed, the greatest adversaries, the Daleks, were featured in the very second story made. (Whose success is based more on appearance than Terry Nation\'s writing, who is a good writer but it\'s safe to say that a certain writer from the New series (2005) has strongly emulated Nation\'s style, and not to good effect.)

    And the show continued to do so throughout its 26 year run: Adjust, transform, create, innovate, take risks, and grow up with its public. Which is very rare for any TV series that doesn\'t feature a nuclear family. :D and unlike a nuclear family show, didn\'t get stale.

    Indeed, \"Doctor Who\" - when faced with having to replace its lead actor, invented the most ingenious idea ever: Regeneration. The Doctor, after being injured, can \'renew\' his life - albeit at the cost of physical appearance and personality. Each Doctor is the same series. Not a wanky spinoff, the likes of Star Trek The Next Generation and its spinoffs.

    It has been said that \"Doctor Who\" is an \"acquired taste\". That may be true for some, but I prefer to think that television, like any art form, need not be generalized or mass produced for mass appeal. You can\'t please everybody and it\'s better to stick to your vision, even if others don\'t like it.

    The era with the most universal appeal is Tom Baker\'s run as the 4th Doctor, 1974-1981. But that doesn\'t mean the surrouding eras are worthless. :)

    The 1st Doctor (William hartnell, 1963-1966) starts out as quite the anti-hero, until several life-or-death situations make it clear that a greater enemy can make a group of strangers friends... the Doctor would continue to lighten up, despite exhibiting some naughty moments (e.g. he \"borrows\" some clothing in \"The Crusades\".)

    The 2nd Doctor (Patrick Troughton, 1966-1969) is an outrageous impish character. When the BBC decided that, like any good American executive, that their oldest shows were seemed \"economically dead\", they were summarily wiped or thrown out, Troughton\'s era suffered the worst. Fortunately, some people smuggled home film reels and the BBC, not good with record keeping, ensured many episodes were later returned when they realized how stupid they were in junking the stories in the first place. But as with a handful of Hartnell stories, many Troughton stories do not exist. And some are deemed \"best ever\".

    The 3rd Doctor (Jon Pertwee, 1970-1974) is exiled to Earth. He starts out as being very much arrogant and anti-authority, but as time passes he settles down. He sells his services to UNIT, a British military organization. He is later forgiven and allowed to time travel again.

    The 5th Doctor (Peter Davison, 1982-1984) sees a rensaissance of sorts. After the lengthy Tom Baker era, it would be hard to bring back viewers, especially as the show had been increasingly shrugged off as empty and silly and doubly so as some people criticize Davison\'s era as lacking humor (must everything be funny?!). Season 18 reversed the trend but in turn was too serious. Fortunately, Davison\'s era is a suitable, successful revival. This is the first era that exploited the show\'s lore on a semi-regular basis. This is great for fans, but casual viewers (aka \"the masses\" or \"walking wallets\") may not have appreciated. At the time, 1983 at age 11, I loved it all and could follow the esoteric bits.

    The 6th Doctor (Colin Baker, 1984-1986) is the most maligned and unfairly so. People shrug it off as being too violent, yet \"The Seeds of Doom\" (and he wields a gun in this one!), \"The Brain of Morbius\", \"The Deadly Assassin\", \"Genesis of the Daleks\", and many other Tom Baker stories feature the Doctor being in violent situations. The reasons for the violence, as presented in the stories, does come off as \"logical\" and unlike shows like \"The A-team\" where people spray enough bullets to render a bucket factory useless yet nobody gets hurt, we see people get hurt. Violence is real and WHO kept it real. (by this point in the series, it was adult-themed. Not x-rated, but clearly more violent and whose plotlines many kids would not understand - either because they were built on previous stories or because of the complexity of the stories; as with \"The Caves of Androzani\" the themes are those children will not understand. Does it make the show wrong? Hardly. The ratings were still there, and the show was axed, also claiming bad ratings. (When the show came back, the ratings were far worse and never improved during its final 4 years.)

    The one era I have a problem with is the 7th Doctor era (Sylvester McCoy, 1987-1989). While many stories had potential, production quality was weak, it was aired against a known-popular program (Coronation Street), and the producers of this era retconned the series to make the Doctor into something he was not. Indeed, his first season (24) was so campy and silly that we were all amazed at the time when it got renewed! Of course, others think this was the best move made ever. Again, it\'s art and subject to the viewer\'s own preferences and ideas.

    Yes, the show is unique. But don\'t let the \"acquired taste\" people scare you off. Give it a chance. It might grow on you.
  • One word: Fantastic!

    I must admit, I had never seen Doctor Who before the 2005 series, but several hours worth of reading on Wikipedia made me desire to do so very much. I finally got around to buying a few of the DVDs, and I can't believe what I was missing! The effects are nothing to write home about, but the writing is top-notch, but nothing compared to the acting and its ability to avoid Shark-Jumping. Of the original seven eras of Doctor Who, my favorite is probably when the Doctor was played by Sylvester McCoy. In my opinion, that was the highest point of the show. Although, if one wants to get into the story for the first time, I suggest the Fourth Doctor Stories.
  • Brilliant Drama!

    This show just keeps getting better and better. David Tennent as the latest Dr is the best yet. The story lines are innovative and fantastically fun! The Dr and his companion(s) travel through time and space outwitting and defeating all manner of megalomaniacal monsters. Old favourites, like the Daleks and the Cybermen, are given a new lease of life with inventive changes that enhance and improve on the original incarnations. New creations are introduced with ingenious plot lines that keep you guessing to the end. Each episode contains humour, suspense, emotion, action and an intelligent story. What more could you want?

  • Longest Running Sci-Fi Show Ever

    If you think Dr. Who is a bad show, then you may ask yourself why it went 26 seasons. 26 seasons says the show is great, case closed, no need to call Denny Crane.
    `Doctor Who', in a nutshell, is probably the most imaginative show ever created. Initially, it was about an eccentric time-traveller from another planet, who looked human and affected an English manner and style. The interior of his time machine, TARDIS, was huge and highly advanced, but the exterior quaintly resembled an English public phone. (Bill and Ted not included) The budget was never large, but the ideas and effort were outstanding.
    The format of the show was highly adaptable. Didn't like the way the show was going? Just wait two or three years. The style always seemed to change whenever there was a change of Doctor.
    In short, Doctor Who is smart, fun, and endlessly creative.
  • the first real great science fiction show

    i am relativly young so doctor who was my parents generation. one night i found a wierd long scarf that my mother said she maid for my brothers holloween costume before i was born. i eventually found a tape with some episodes of the series showing the first and last episodes of the different doctors. i wrote them off mostly until i saw the tv movie. i was then hooked on this show. the older episodes were great despite the low production costs and bad special effects. one great thing was that over the years the villains have not lost their ability to strike fear. the daeleks are up there on the greatest villains of all time. best of all every doctor is different. they each have there own personalities. a new series has started to give it back to our generation.
  • One of the best shows in all of television.

    Words can't do this show justice really.

    No one show has so gripped my childhood and not let go as i start my 30's as Doctor Who has (Transformers is up there but that is a cartoon)

    The way it has constantly reinvented itself throughout the years. I still marvel at the flexability of the structur of the series. It must have seemed so groundbreaking back in the 60's. Such a shame that a lot of the episodes no longer exist from back then.

    With all the new fans coming on board with the new show i feel it is time for the old show to be remembered.

  • I have only seen the new episodes but I like them a lot. I live in Sweden and I don\'t think it has ever been on here. It\'s strange that it says (here on that the last episode was aired in 1989, there are new episodes all the time!

    I would like to see the old episodes, just to see how it all started. All I know is that it is about a guy and a girl who travel in time in a phonebooth. When they meet people from their past, I have no idea who they are and what they\'re talking about. I just recently discovered Doctor Who, but I will definitely try to find the old episodes, to get more out of the new ones.

    Even though I haven\'t seen the old episodes, the series have a lot to offer. If you like sci-fi you should really check it out, even if you don\'t normally watch sci-fi but would like to see some exiting British comedy, this is it.
  • Dr. Who is Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant!

    I've watched and enjoyed Dr. Who in its many manifestations for years. As a child I grew up partly in the UK and partly in other places around the world. It never really bothered me when the cast and tone of the show would change, it only added to the wonder of the program for me. The latest episodes that are airing are fresh and as quirky as I would expect them to be, which I thoroughly enjoy. I’m even glad that they have kept the “low budget” look and feel of the show because that really is part of the overall energy and charm. Christopher Eccleston is a joy to watch as the witty and light-hearted though occasionally morose Doctor - if they can find a good replacement for him, I\'ll be quite surprised. But I\'m willing to give the new guy a chance. There\'s little doubt, however, that the Eccleston episodes are going to go down in history as classics.
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