Doctor Who (1963) - Season 11

BBC (ended 1989)




Episode Guide

  • 6/8/74
    The Doctor's past has caught up with him, and now he must risk death to save the universe from the evil clutches of the Great One.
  • 6/1/74
    Several different spider factions are now seeking the blue crystal. The Doctor and Sarah are caught in the middle; can they escape with their lives?
  • 5/25/74
    Metebelis III, the distant future. The Doctor and Sarah try to discover the secret of the giant spiders and a way to resist their terrible power.
  • 5/18/74
    England, the near future. The Doctor and his friends try to find Lupton, who has stolen a powerful blue crystal. But he is already on his way to Metebelis III, home of the giant spiders…
  • 5/11/74
    A highly intelligent spider from Metebelis III arrives on Earth in search of the powerful crystal. When it is stolen from his laboratory, the Doctor leads the chase over land, water and air to recover it.
  • 5/4/74
    England, the near future. Mike Yates, formerly of UNIT, is disturbed by odd happenings at a monastic retreat. Using Sarah as a liaison, he is able to warn the Doctor and the Brigadier. But how is the Doctor's research into ESP and the blue Metebelis III crystal connected to Mike's warning?moreless
  • The Monster of Peladon, Part Six
    The fight on Peladon reaches its climax. The Doctor appears to hold the advantage, but Eckersley has one or two tricks left up his sleeve.
  • The Monster of Peladon, Part Five
    The true villains behind the events on Peladon are finally revealed. Can the Doctor defeat them before all of Peladon is destroyed?
  • The Monster of Peladon, Part Four
    Peladon is now under the control if the Ice Warriors. Can the Doctor help the Pels liberate their planet?
  • The Monster of Peladon, Part Three
    Vindicated by Aggedor, the Doctor tries to unravel the mysterious events on Peladon. It all seems connected with the refinery…
  • The Monster of Peladon, Part Two
    Revolution is stirring on Peladon. And the Doctor and Sarah are caught in the middle of it.
  • The Monster of Peladon, Part One
    The planet Peladon, some time in the future. Mining disputes threaten the peace of the planet, and as the Doctor and Sarah Jane arrive, it seems that the ghost of Aggedor walks once more…
  • Death to the Daleks, Part Four

    The Doctor and Bellal work their way into the Exxilon city, with the Daleks in pursuit. Can they get away with the cure for the deadly disease ravaging the Galaxy?

  • Death to the Daleks, Part Three

    On Exxilon, the Daleks are mining an ore vital the survival of the Galaxy. But an advanced city nearby will keep anyone from leaving with the precious parrinium…

  • Death to the Daleks, Part Two

    The Doctor and Sarah are trapped on Exxilon with a group of humans and Daleks. But something even more dangerous may be waiting, deep in the rocks…

  • Death to the Daleks, Part One

    The barren planet Exxilon, some time in the future. The TARDIS is forced down by a total power failure and the Doctor and Sarah meet a stranded Earth crew who came here to mine for priceless medical supplies. But what is causing the power failures?

  • Invasion of the Dinosaurs, Part Six

    Grover launches the final phase of his plan to create a new world. But both Sarah and the Doctor are on the run…

  • Invasion of the Dinosaurs, Part Five

    The Doctor is on the run, accused of bringing the dinosaur invasion. And Sarah discovers the awful truth behind the colony ship.

  • Invasion of the Dinosaurs, Part Four

    The Doctor continues to search for the source of the dinosaurs. But Sarah can't help him; she's imprisoned on a distant spaceship…

  • Invasion of the Dinosaurs, Part Three

    The Doctor tries to determine who is bringing dinosaurs into modern London. But forces within UNIT itself are working against him.

  • Invasion of the Dinosaurs, Part Two

    London, the near future. The Doctor and Sarah have returned to a London evacuated by the appearance of dinosaurs. Can the Doctor work out where they are coming from?

  • Invasion
    Episode 5

    London, the near future. The Doctor and Sarah return to a deserted city under martial law. What mysterious force has emptied central London?

  • 1/5/74
    The Doctor makes a last effort to stop both Linx and Irongron from changing history.
  • 12/29/73
    The Doctor is pressed into service to oppose the vicious Irongron. All he can do it stall for time while working out a plan to defeat the brutal Sonataran Linx.
  • 12/22/73
    The Doctor uncovers the force behind the kidnapping of prominent scientists. But everyone is against him, including the young reporter Sarah Jane Smith…
  • 12/15/73
    England, the 12th century. Robber baron Irongron is recruited by Linx, a Sontaran warrior whose starship has been forced down on Earth. Linx is forced to use a time-travel device to steal resources and scientists from the future to repair his ship, but in doing so involves UNIT and the Doctor…moreless