Doctor Who (1963) - Season 17

BBC (ended 1989)




Episode Guide

  • Shada
    Episode 21
    The Doctor and Romana visit Chronotis, a retired Time Lord living in Cambridge, who admits that he's lost a book dating back to the time of Rassilon and needs their help to find it. In fact he's accidentally lent it out to graduate student Chris Parsons, who soon realises that this is an extraordinary text indeed. The book is also sought by the evil scientist Skagra, who has developed a sphere capable of drawing its victims' minds out of their bodies. Skagra needs the book to reach the Time Lord prison Shada, which even the Time Lords have forgotten. Long ago they imprisoned the criminal Salyavin there, as punishment for using his powers to transfer his mind into other people's bodies. Chronotis is eventually forced to admit that he himself is Salyavin; he escaped long ago and used his powers to cause the Time Lords to forget about his prison. However, he's now repented of his crimes and wishes to live a quiet, peaceful life. Skagra drains Chronotis's mind and thus acquires the ability to transfer his own mind into other bodies; with the aid of the sphere and his crystalline servants, the Krargs, he will spread his own mind throughout the Universe and become immortal. However, when the Doctor pretends to be stupid, the sphere fails to drain his mind completely. He thus survives, and since there's a copy of his mind inside the sphere, he is able to use the resonance to turn Skagra's possessed slaves against him. Skagra is imprisoned by his own Ship, and Chronotis returns to Earth to resume his peaceful retirement.moreless
  • The Horns of Nimon, Part Four
    Romana is trapped on a ruined planet. The Nimons are launching their invasion of Skonnos. Can the Doctor stop the "Great Journey of Life"?
  • The Horns of Nimon, Part Three
    The Doctor and Romana are trapped in the Nimon's lair. Is he really the last of his race? What are his real intentions toward Skonnos?
  • The Horns of Nimon, Part Two
    Having reached Skonnos, Romana is sent with the Anethians to face the deadly Nimon.
  • The Horns of Nimon, Part One
    Deep space, an unknown time. The TARDIS encounters a disabled Skonnon battlecruiser transporting Anethan 'tribute'. The co-pilot is determined to reach Skonnos at any cost.
  • 12/15/79
    The Doctor finally discovers the truth about the drug smuggling ring. But the villains are still one step ahead.
  • 12/8/79
    The Doctor and Romana begin to uncover the truth about the strange events aboard the luxury liner Empress. They first have to separate the two ship from each other. But they've got Mandrells, drug smugglers and police chasing after them.
  • 12/1/79
    Two ships have collided above Azure but that may be the least of the Doctor's problems. Monsters and drug smugglers are loose on the ship. And it all seems to tie in with Tryst's electronic zoo…
  • 11/24/79
    The orbit of the holiday planet, Azure, the year 2116. The starships Empress and Hecate are fused together after an accident in hyperspace. Naturally the Doctor thinks he can find a solution, but has the accident unleashed a far more deadly menace?
  • 11/17/79
    The truth about the creature is revealed. But its imprisonment may have already set in motion a terrible revenge.
  • 11/10/79
    The Doctor has come face to face with a massive green creature. Adrasta goes into the mines to kill the monster. But everything is not as it appears…
  • 11/3/79
    The Doctor is in a pit with a deadly creature. And Adrasta has plans for Romana and K-9.
  • 10/27/79
    The planet Chloris. Drawn here by a mysterious distress signal, the Doctor becomes the prisoneres of the ruthless Adrasta. A strange and deadly pit await those who displease her.
  • 10/20/79
    Scaroth is determined to go back 400 million years in time to prevent a mistake. But the Doctor must stop him – because the consequences would be disastrous.
  • 10/13/79
    The Doctor and Romana unwrap an intricate plot involving aliens, time travel and the Mona Lisa. How is Count Scarlioni living in two times at once? And what does he want?
  • 10/6/79
    Captured by the Count, the Doctor and Romana uncover an elaborate plan to steal the Mona Lisa. But there is more to Scarlioni's plans than a simple theft.
  • 9/29/79
    Paris, 1979. The Doctor and Romana are here on holiday, but something is disturbing the flow of time. Could the time travel experiments of Count Scarlioni be to blame?
  • Destiny of the Daleks, Episode Four
    Trapped between the Movellans and the Daleks, the Doctor must find a way to defeat both. Meanwhile, vast space fleets await new orders.
  • Destiny of the Daleks, Episode Three
    The Daleks have awoken Davros in the heart of Skaro. Only the Doctor and the Movellans stand between them and their objective. But are the Movellans really on the Doctor's side?
  • Destiny of the Daleks, Episode Two
    Romana has been captured by the Daleks, the Doctor is the guest of the Movellans. The Daleks are drilling deep into Skaro for something and the Doctor has an awful suspicion about their objective…
  • Destiny of the Daleks, Episode One
    Skaro, the Dalek homeworld, some time in the future. The TARDIS lands in the irradiated ruins of the old Kaled city and something is moving underneath the wasted surface of the planet…