Doctor Who (1963) - Season 9

BBC (ended 1989)




Episode Guide

  • 6/24/72
    The Master has control of Atlantis and the crystal of Kronos. He will soon unleash the chronovore. But can he control it? Can anyone?
  • 6/17/72
    Atlantis, the ancient past. The Master arrives and is determined to take control of Kronos. Can the Doctor and Dalios stop him before it's too late?
  • 6/10/72
    The Doctor and the Master face off in their respective TARDISs. But the Master holds the trump card… Kronos.
  • 6/3/72
    The Doctor tries to delay the Master's departure until he has the TARDIS. But the Master has a few weapons to unleash on the Doctor and his allies…
  • 5/27/72
    Both the Master and the Doctor try to work out how the TOMTIT experiment went wrong. The Master is on the brink of summoning a fearsome power…
  • 5/20/72
    England, the near future. Professor Thascalos's TOMTIT project is nearing completion. But why is a simple matter transmitter causing disruption to the flow of time?
  • 5/13/72
    The Marshal, now mad with power, moves ahead with his final plans. The Doctor's only hope my lie in Ky, already beginning to change into a mutant…
  • 5/6/72
    The Doctor and Jaeger race to repair the damage done to Solos by the ionization experiment. An Investigator is coming to Skybase. But the Marshal has hostages against the Doctor's behaviour…
  • 4/29/72
    The Doctor and Sondergaaard finally unravel the mystery behind the mutations on Solos. But the Marshal is already moving ahead with a deadly plan to change the planet…
  • 4/22/72
    The Doctor tries to find Ky and discover why the Time Lords sent him to Solos. Meanwhile, the Marshal moves ahead with his plans to wipe out all of his opposition…
  • 4/15/72
    The Marshal blackmails the Doctor into helping him. But helping the Marshal might mean genocide for the Solonians…
  • 4/8/72
    The planet Solos in the 30th century. As Earth slowly moves towards granting Solos its independence, the Doctor and Jo arrive on a mission for the Time Lords. How far will the brutal Marshal go to retain his power over the planet?
  • The Sea Devils, Episode Six
    The conflict between the humans and sea devils has hit the point of no return. The Doctor must act to save humanity, even if it risks his own life…
  • The Sea Devils, Episode Five
    The Doctor, now a prisoner of the sea devils, tries to make peace between them and mankind. But Secretary Walker has already decided to start a war…
  • The Sea Devils, Episode Four
    The Doctor persuaded Hart to move against the Master while Trenchard is beset with doubts. But it may be too late to act. The Master is already forging his alliance with the sea devils…
  • The Sea Devils, Episode Three
    The Doctor is now the prisoner of the Master and the gullible Trenchard. And the strange creatures lurking in the sea will soon emerge…
  • The Sea Devils, Episode Two
    The Doctor is determined to make contact with the mysterious sea devils. But he must first deal with the Master, who seems to have Trenchard under his control…
  • The Sea Devils, Episode One
    England, the near future. While visiting the Master in his island prison, the Doctor and Jo learn of a series of mysterious ship-sinkings in the area. Can the Master be involved?
  • The Curse of Peladon, Episode Four
    The conspiracy against Peladon is finally revealed and Hepesh moves against the king. To stop him, the Doctor may need to call on a dangerous creature…
  • The Curse of Peladon, Episode Three
    The Doctor is under sentence of death. His only hope may be an old enemy. But whose side are the Ice Warriors on?
  • The Curse of Peladon, Episode Two
    The mystery of Peladon deepens. The Doctor begins to suspect that his old foes, the Ice Warriors, are behind the savage attacks on the delegates…
  • The Curse of Peladon, Episode One
    The planet Peladon, some time in the future. The Doctor and Jo arrive just in time to get involved in the conference to discuss Peladon's admission to the Galactic Federation. But the King's closest counsel has been murdered, apparently by a ghost…
  • Day of the Daleks, Episode Four

    The Daleks and the guerilla opposition fight for control of the Doctor and Earth's history. But what actually happened to set off the catastrophic wars that led to the Dalek invasion? And can it be prevented?

  • Day of the Daleks, Episode Three

    Earth, the 22nd century. The Doctor and Jo find themselves on an Earth in ruins, ruled by he merciless Daleks. Is there any hope of defeating the evil creatures?

  • Day of the Daleks, Episode Two

    The Doctor and Jo are prisoners of guerillas who have come back in time to kill an important diplomat. But who are the strange creatures pursuing them? And why do they want to change history?

  • Day of the Daleks, Episode One

    Earth, the near future. Diplomat Sir Reginald Styles has started seeing ghosts at his country mansion - an alarming development given the precarious international situation and his position as possibly the only man capable of stopping the Third World War. The Doctor and Jo go ghost-hunting - but are these ghosts from the past or the future?