Doctor Who (1963)

Season 26 Episode 14

Survival, Part Three

Aired Saturday 5:15 PM Dec 06, 1989 on BBC

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  • a fitting end to the greatest show ever devised

    I recently bought the DVD and actually watched the documentary "endgame" before the actual episodes and when the guy came on and said "I was the man that cancelled doctor who" I mustn't have been the only person watching it who sat bolt upright, pointed at the TV and shouted the word "wanker" loud enough so people in China could hear me" but then I watched the episodes, and it is apparant that this was to be the doctor's last outing for a while, and I have to admit, it was a brilliant way of bringing to an end twenty six years of production.
    Some may disagree with me, I too wish that the show had continued on, but as the episode ended, I couldn't help but think that "I couldn't have written a better ending"
    Not dwelling on the ending, the whole episode was very well written, its a shame that doctor who got cancelled when it did, the beginning of the mccoy era was a bit shaky, but when mel left and ace developed more as a character, the doctor's last season was a bit of a ray of hope for the series. We had curse of fenric, fast paced thrilling wwII horror story, ghost light, a very confusing but overall enjoyable victorian affair, the return of the brigadier, and this, a decent story of survival in an alien world populated by cold hearted predators, I really enjoyed it, not really a fan of the survival sort of thing, but this was a very well written and very well plotted adventure, the master being there was great as usual, too bad anthony Aienly died not that long ago, he is a brilliant actor.
    Alright, I can't put off mentioning the ending for much longer
    The speech from the doctor at the end, to me if felt like a good ending, as the doctor and Ace walked away from the camera, I came away from my TV very happy, it was a great speech, it was a brilliant send off, albeit a bit sudden. I mean, the writers knew that who was in trouble, and so I'm glad that they did what they could to try and give us a fitting ending, it was perfect, it wasn't an actual ending to the doctor's adventures, but it really touched me, it was a good way to bring an end to almsot 900 years in time and space...
  • The last episode of the classic Doctor Who series.A fantstic return to form,and a perfect way to end 26 years on screen.

    The 1980's were fan's favourate period of the show, but this final series really was a return to form, with perhaps the exception of battlefield. A shame it took 16 years for the next full series! And isn't too obvious that the Doctor's final speech to Ace was simply tacked on to the end?