Doctor Who (1963)

Season 5 Episode 6

The Abominable Snowmen, Episode Two

Aired Saturday 5:15 PM Oct 07, 1967 on BBC
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Episode Summary

The Abominable Snowmen, Episode Two
The Doctor returns to a Tibetan monastery which he hasn't visited for 300 years, only to be accused of murder. The legendary Yeti, normally timid and elusive creatures, have suddenly become vicious and savage, and many monks and visitors to the monastery have been killed. The Doctor faces suspicion from the monks and from the British explorer Travers, who's determined to prove that the Yeti exist and initially fears that the Doctor is from a rival expedition. Eventually the Doctor discovers that the savage Yeti are robots, built by an alien Intelligence who has possessed one of the monks. The Intelligence claims that it only wants physical being – but in fact, its new physical form will consume the entire Earth unless stopped.moreless

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • Interesting casting trivia: The monk Rapalchan was played by famous playwright Harold Pinter under his stage name of David Baron.

    • QUOTES (6)

      • Thonmi: You must come with me.
        The Doctor: Oh, I see, Thonmi. After we've had a little chat.
        Thomni: Khrisong will be waiting…
        The Doctor: No, no, just wait. Nobody seems to want to listen to me and everyone is jumping to the wrong conclusions! Now, you seem to be a reasonable sort of chap. What's going on here?

      • Travers: Look, you killed my companion, left me single-handed. But don't worry, you won't get another chance of getting in my way. I shall find the Yeti, with or without help.
        The Doctor: Oh, you can't possibly leave…
        Travers: Can't I? You'll be quite safe here and I know where you are! I'm going. Oh don't worry, the monks won't harm you. They're men of peace.
        The Doctor [ eyeing his armed guard ]: Men of peace?

      • Khrisong: Any attempt to rescue you will now be highly dangerous, for you.
        The Doctor: Look, nobody is going to rescue me, least of all an abominable snowman! And hasn't it occured to you that, innocent or guilty, whatever's been killing your monks might very well kill me?
        Khrisong: If you are innocent, then let us hope that we will have the time to rescue you!

      • Thonmi: We must release him. This stranger has brought back to us the Holy Ghanta that was lost. We must treat him with respect and kindness, these are the words of our Abbot.
        Khrisong: Is this true?
        The Doctor: Of course.
        Khrisong: Then why did you not tell me?
        The Doctor: Well, you'd already accused me of murder. You were hardly in the right frame of mind to listen to my story of how I came by the Ghanta now, were you?

      • The Doctor: Do you think you could capture one? I would like to examine one.
        Jamie: Examine it? Aye, we'll wrap it up for you!
        The Doctor [ laughing ]: Thank you, Jamie!

      • The Doctor: Oh, Victoria, I think this is one of those times where discretion is the better part of valour — Jamie has an idea!

    • NOTES (3)

      • On the original recording, the Doctor's line "You were right about one thing, Vic / toria, This creature certainly doesn't seem to be flesh and blood…" had the last part cut off. For the Lost in Time DVD, restorationist Mark Ayres used extracts of Troughton's dialogue from other episodes to recreate the last part of the sentence.

      • The control spheres are put together from parts cannibalized from the Cybermats in the preceding serial, The Tomb of the Cybermen.

      • Only Episode 2 remains in the BBC archives and is included on the Lost in Time DVD set.

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