Doctor Who (1963)

Season 12 Episode 8

The Ark in Space, Part Four

Aired Saturday 5:15 PM Feb 15, 1975 on BBC

Episode Recap

The Doctor finds himself face to face with Noah, who is now a monster. Sarah and Vira save the Doctor's life. Noah tells Vira to leave the Ark or she will with the rest of her race. Vira refuses, and Noah says that she must die. Back at Vira's quarters on board her ship, the Doctor and his friends return and organise a plan to save the human race. Sarah gets stuck in the hold as she tries to make her way across. The Doctor shines a torch and Sarah manages to squeeze through. Sarah whines, and the Doctor calls Sarah a stupid foolish girl. Sarah manages to get free, and calls Rogan and tells him that the Doctor is connecting the cable. Later, Vira and Rogan and Harry see some Wirrn, and Vira wonders how they got through. Vira gets concerned. She calls the Doctor and informs him of what is happening on board. The Doctor orders imediate evacuation of the ship and to set the controls on automatic takeoff. Vira and Rogan and Harry obey the Doctor's orders, and evacuate the ship. Later, the Doctor and Rogan battle for the box. Rogan knocks the Doctor out, saying that is his job. The ship explodes. Sarah cries when she thinks the Doctor has died again. The Doctor walks in and says that Rogan's dead. Noah calls Vira and says goodbye. The shuttle blows up. The Doctor saves the human race. The Doctor leaves his TARDIS behind and prepares to beam to earth. He gives Vira a jellybaby. Vira smiles and says "Thank you", then turns around and walks off.
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