Doctor Who (1963)

Season 12 Episode 7

The Ark in Space, Part Three

Aired Saturday 5:15 PM Feb 08, 1975 on BBC

Episode Recap

Noah's hand has turned green. The Doctor and his friends listen to the voice of the High Minister over the intercom. The Doctor escorts Vira to Noah's quarters where Noah has a gun pointed at them. He drops the gun and hands command over to Vira.

The Doctor and Vira return to the room where Harry and Sarah successfully revive Lycett and Rogan. Sarah explains their alarms clocks were cut off.

The Doctor decides to examine the dead queen. He tells Vira not to proceed with reviving her people as it would take four days to revive and evacuate them all, and the larvae will hatch within hours. If he fails, her people will die anyway, but only the six of them will know about it. Vira accepts the Doctor's help.

The Doctor decides to mind link with the Wirrn to discover what is going on. Harry and Sarah protest, but the Doctor points out to that it is the entire human race they are fighting for.

The Doctor gives Vira a gun and orders her to use it if something goes wrong. Then the Doctor orders Lycett to switch on the machine. The Doctor's mind is connected with the Wirrn. He discovers Dune was killed by the Wirrn. Harry, Rogan, and Lycett get some guns and go after a Wirrn. Lycett is killed by the Wirrn. Vira starts to shoot the Doctor when something goes wrong, but Sarah stops her. Sarah takes the wires off of the Doctor. The Doctor gets up and starts towards the Wirrn. Sarah pushes him back. The Doctor orders them to fire. The Doctor's orders are executed, and the Wirrn is killed.

Later, the Doctor beams Harry and Rogan to another part of the space station. Sarah is next, but there is a power failure. The Doctor discovers the oxygen pumps have stopped. He goes down to investigate, and faces Noah, who has turned into a Wirrn.
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