Doctor Who (1963)

Season 12 Episode 6

The Ark in Space, Part Two

Aired Saturday 5:15 PM Feb 01, 1975 on BBC

Episode Recap

The insect falls on Harry, clearly dead. The Doctor determines it has been dead a long time and is mummified. They look for equipment to revive Sarah when one of the chambers reactivates. Harry gives her the revival kit they've found and she gives herself an electrical shock then looks about her in wonderment. The woman, Vira, demands they explain themselves but is unimpressed with the Doctor's answer. They direct her to Sarah and she attempts to revive her.

There's nothing they can do but wait, and Vira goes to reactivate their "prime unit", a man named Lazar nicknamed Noah. Vira assumes they're from a colony and explains that the Earth was devastated by solar flares. The Doctor informs her that they didn't wake up because of the sabotage to the systems. Elsewhere the larva-like creature they saw earlier tampers with the power supplies, interrupting Noah's revivification. Noah wakes up, and he is coldly dismissive of the presence of "regressives". Vira tries to reassure him as Sarah begins to wake up, but Noah goes to confront the Doctor, who has found some creature feeding off the energy in the power stacks.

Vira tells Harry and Sarah that they should leave while they can and then finds that their technician Dune is missing. The Doctor is cutting off the power when Noah arrives and threatens him. He's unconvinced by the Doctor's explanation and shoots him unconscious, while the creature in the power stacks breaks out. Noah contacts Vira and they exchange notes – Noah blames the new arrivals for Dune's absence. Harry and Sarah go to find the Doctor while Noah goes to the power stacks and the creature brushes his left hand, leaving a mark of slime. Noah collapses from the shock while Harry and Sarah wake up the Doctor and he rushes off to find Noah.

Noah confronts them and denies having seen anything in the power stacks. They return to the cryogenic chamber where Vira is reviving Libri. When Libri sees Noah he panics, then claims he saw some alien shape. Noah has Libri guard the prisoners while Noah goes to shut down the revivification. When Vira questions him, Noah starts to ramble and claim that Dune is inside him, then rushes off. The Doctor tries to convince Vira and Libri something is wrong and Libri rushes off with the gun. The Doctor checks out Dune's chamber and finds an egg membrane. He examines the mummified insect corpse and finds its egg sacs empty. He describes how some species inject their eggs into living bodies, giving the emerging larvae a ready food source. Worse, the larvae absorb the knowledge of their host body and Dune was the power engineer.

Libri confronts Noah but can't bring himself to shoot. Noah calmly takes the gun and shoots him down. Noah goes to the control panel and examines his hand in growing panic… a hand which has turned into a horrific green tentacle.
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