Doctor Who (1963)

Season 1 Episode 2

The Cave of Skulls

Aired Saturday 5:15 PM Nov 30, 1963 on BBC

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  • The Doctor, Ian, Susan and Barbara, go back in time and find a clan tribe that takes them hostage.

    This is a pretty mediocre story. It's clear that the writers made this episode arc to develop the characters as the story is not original nor unique.

    The Doctor and the gang travel back in time to early modern times. It's supposed to be prehistoric times, but due to budget problems and inconsistencies with the guest cast, you'd never quite believe it was so.

    The Doctor and the group by a clan of caveman and cavewoman who illogically speak pretty good English!!! Good English not withstanding, they took the group hostage. We see there is trouble within the clan itself as several people are vying for power.

    As mentioned, it's rather an uninspiring story after the entertaining pilot. Gladly the story would improve after this dreadful start with the introduction of the Daleks, but this story arc with the clan isn't really the best of the William Hartnell years. This story arc drags for about three episodes, but this is more like a two episode parter. The only things that stick out are that we get more information about the Doctor and Tardis, how he despite him being a Timelord doesn't quite have control over time and balance.
  • Good

    This is an excellent episode, with the original TARDIS crew arriving in prehistoric times and the Daleks are nowhere mentioned or seen Mr Misconception for the review before me, because they appear in ages time, thank you very much! Anyway, they also establish about the chameleon circuit being broken and then they get captured by a tribe who want to make fire. Personally, it's not a great glitzy first episode as you would expect, as I would not have chosen to go back into the prehistoric times for a new series, as I, as a watcher, was not enthrawled. They should have the Daleks as the first set of the episodes and then perhaps gone into the past, however, the early past episodes I did not enjoy as they were not sci-past episodes like they later became, as the earlier ones were more about the culture in olden times. However, a good episode all the same.
  • Somewhat Leisurely but worth the trip.

    This is the story that established \"Doctor Who\" as a major success on British television in 1963/4 and therefore led to the amazing saga that has unfolded over the years. Made under difficult conditions (small studio with below par equipment, executive dislike of the script and concepts, some of the cast unenthusiastic), the work of designer Ray Cusick in designing the Daleks led to a craze among the young viewers and guaranteed the programme\'s success and longevity. The production is superb in places (Tristram Cary\'s incidental music gets a special mention) and patchy in others but the overall impression is one of a seven episodes of well made and thought provoking television.