Doctor Who (1963)

Season 21 Episode 22

The Caves of Androzani, Part Four

Aired Saturday 5:15 PM Mar 16, 1984 on BBC

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  • Peter Davidson, good. Colin Baker, bad

    Simply, from here on in it turns bad for an entire season.
    Colin Baker would have to be one of my least favourite Doctors.
    He's silly, annoying and in every way a pain in the butt.
    Peri is a typical annoying American and all the other idiots that follow this bloke around annoy me to tears.
    A series that should be wiped from my memory but sadly is still there reminding me that not even this show will ever be perfect!
  • The Doctor dies and regenerates again...

    The story was complex - with a madman (Jek) infatuated with Peri and out for revenge against Morgus. Then there is the soldiers fighting to get Jek and his drugs. And then there is Morgus' goons trying to get the best deal. And lastly - most importantly - Peri is dying and the Doctor is also infected by poison. The Doctor gets a cure for Peri - but not enough for himself - and he dies. A great story and Peri is not bad as a companion. But after many, many years of enjoyable 'Doctor Who', the bad years start - with Colin Baker in the role of the Doctor. Peter Davidson played Doctor No. 5 in an understated manner but Colin Baker's Doctor No. 6 starts on a manic note and doesn't improve.