Doctor Who (1963)

Season 21 Episode 20

The Caves of Androzani, Part Two

Aired Saturday 5:15 PM Mar 09, 1984 on BBC

Episode Recap

After the bodies of the Doctor and Peri are cut down, Morgus reveals his plan to the President to have the unemployed sent into slave labor in his factories. The Doctor and Peri are still alive and are brought to Sharaz Jek, who is masked and has a fascination with Peri. Chellak discovers he executed two androids and covers it up. Jek wants his new companions to stay - kept eternally young by spectrox. He is trying to drag out the war until the Praesidium gives him what he wants - the head of Morgus. Morgus is told his over-producing mine has exploded. The real Salateen brings the Doctor and Peri food. He quickly figures out that their symptoms indicate they've touched a spectrox nest and contracted spectrox toximia, which will kill them in two days. The only cure is the milk of the queen bat, which is hard to get to. Jek reveals that he was partners with Morgus - creating androids to safely gather spectrox. Morgus betrayed him, supplying faulty detectors so that a mudburst caught Jek and nearly burned him to death. The gun-runners meet with Jek to demand payment. He agrees to a token payment and they try to follow him to his spectrox store. The Doctor figures out that Jek's androids won't see him as human and won't shoot him and engineers an escape. But they are ambushed by another android and Salateen drags Peri off in the confusion. The Doctor runs into the gun-runners just as the magma creature attacks. He crouches behind a rock as it closes in on him.
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