Doctor Who (1963)

Season 26 Episode 11

The Curse of Fenric, Part Four

Aired Saturday 5:15 PM Nov 15, 1989 on BBC



  • Trivia

    • Plot Hole: When the gas grenade goes off in Millington's office, the Doctor covers it with a wastepaper basket. But there are still billowing clouds of the supposedly deadly gas around them.

    • Revealing Mistake: When Fenric tips over the king on the chess board, the tape keeping it from rolling away is visible.

    • Continuity: The Doctor gets his hand very muddy when he dives to the ground during the climactic explosion. When he touches Ace's shoulder moments later, it is miraculously clean.

    • Continuity: Despite the heavy rain, blue skies are visible in some scenes, most notably when the Doctor and Ace hide under the umbrella during the firefight.

    • Equipment Visible: When the Doctor is moving the wooden table into position for the chess set, the holes for the gas pipes that feed the fire at the end are visible.

    • Revealing Mistake: After being killed by the gas grenade, one of the dead Russian soldiers takes a nice deep breath.

  • Quotes

    • Fenric: Ah, the sound of dying. When it comes to death, quantity is so much more satisfying then quality.
      Millington: The final mom-
      Fenric: Don't interrupt me while I'm eulogising.

    • Millington: You know your problem, Captain Bates? You don't know who the enemy is. A traitor is someone who doesn't know who the enemy is.
      Virshinin: [ shoots Millington ] But I do!

  • Notes

    • One of the tapes of the studio sessions was accidentally wiped prior to editing. Since there was no time to reshoot, the director chose to use footage originally intended to be discarded, resulting in some prolonged closeups and minor continuity errors in the final scene with Fenric.

    • This story refer to events in Dragonfire and Silver Nemesis, indicating that Fenric had a hand in the timestorm that blew Ace to Iceworld, and that the Doctor knew this from the moment he and she first met. Ace mentions an old, dark house in Perivale, a reference to Gabriel Chase in Ghost Light.

  • Allusions

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