Doctor Who (1963)

Season 8 Episode 21

The Daemons, Episode One

Aired Saturday 5:15 PM May 22, 1971 on BBC

Episode Recap

The village of Devil's End is wracked by terrible storms. A man goes out walking his dog and suddenly sees something that terrifies him to death.

The next morning, the local white witch, Miss Hawthorne, confronts the medical examiner. She believes this is a sign of evil being disturbed in a local barrow.

At UNIT, Jo has similar concerns. The Doctor is dismissive, thinking science can explain everything. He even demonstrates an apparent "magic trick" with Bessie. But his attention is suddenly riveted when Mike Yates mentions Devil's End.

TV reporter Alistair Fergus begins broadcasting a special from Devil's End, planning for a live broadcast of Professor Horny breaking into the inner chamber. Previous expeditions have ended in strange disasters. Horner believes it is a bronze age crypt and plans to break in at midnight on Beltane. When Miss Hawthorne shows up to protest the dig, the Doctor realizes that she's right and Horner is courting tremendous danger. He races off to Devil's End.

In the village pub, the villagers discuss a rash of strange incidents: bad weather, strange deaths, weird noises at night. Miss Hawthorn speaks to the constable. As a wind blows, he picks up a rock and approaches her with it, intending to strike her down. But she calms the winds and his senses return to him. As the Doctor drives to Devil's End, a wind turns a sign so that he goes in the wrong direction.

Miss Hawthorn next goes to the church. She tells Garvin that she wants to see the old vicar, who vanished mysteriously, not the new vicar, Mr. Magister. When Garvin blocks her, she agrees to meet Magister who is, in fact, the Master. She tries to explain the danger to Magister, but he is unmoved, trying to put her off with philosophical talk. He tries to hypnotize her, but she does not succumb. The frustrated Master sends Garvin after her.

The Doctor and Jo finally reach Devil's End very late. The villagers are initially unfriendly to the Doctor, but Jo charms them into giving the right directions. They hurry along as Horner is preparing to break into the crypt.

Tom, a villager, reports the Doctor's arrival to the Master. The Master puts on a red robe and begins an occult ceremony with other villagers who are dressed in black. He causes a tree to fall into the Doctor's path, forcing him and Jo to proceed on foot. The ceremony reaches its peak, calling out to Azal, right as Horner breaks through the wall and the Doctor and Jo arrive.

A massive earthquake erupts. Powerful winds blow equipment and people down. And, as the Master laughs, one the church gargoyles comes to life. Jo hurries into the crypt and find the Doctor lying as if dead, being buried under rubble and snow…