Doctor Who (1963)

Season 8 Episode 21

The Daemons, Episode One

Aired Saturday 5:15 PM May 22, 1971 on BBC

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  • Great Story! Fast paced w/ strong mix of sci-fi and horror!

    I love the H.P. Lovecraft feel of this episode! I know his influence can be see through out the whole run of classic Who... but this one has a lot of direct influence from Lovecraft's works... The Master is the most diabolical we've seen yet... sure before hand, he's had many grant schemes, but this time the gloves seem to be off as he attempts to harness the ancient powers that have shaped humanity since the beginning of time! Tons of influence not only from Lovecraft as mentioned before, but from the horror genre of film... from "The Wicker Man" (witchcraft in a small town) to "Rosemary's Baby" (conspiracy of neighbors in an otherwise normal town)...

    great epi!