Doctor Who (1963)

Season 5 Episode 18

The Enemy of the World, Episode 2

Aired Saturday 5:15 PM Dec 30, 1967 on BBC

Episode Recap

Bruce questions the Doctor but comes to believe that he is Salamander. He then questions Astrid about the dead bodies. She, Kent and the Doctor manage to talk their way out of it.

The Doctor is still nervous about working with Kent, unsure of which side is really good. Kent and Astrid decide to send the Doctor's companions to Europe to investigate Salamander for themselves.

Bruce meets with Salamander's second-in-command, Benik, and tells him about finding Salamander in Australia instead of Central Europe. He demands that Benik contact Salamander to confirm that he's in Central Europe.

Salamander meets with the European leaders, Denes and Fedorin. He warns them that several extinct volcanoes in Hungary are poised to erupt but they want to confirm this prediction with their own scientists.

Jamie and Victoria have arrived in Central Europe. Astrid gives Jamie a pass that will get him into the palace where Salamander is staying. She plans to meet with Denes.

Fedorin waits on the terrace with Salamander's food taster, Fariah. Salamander arrives and calls for a guard. But Jamie jumps the guard and takes his gun. He grabs a communicator and throws it off the balcony. Astrid then sets off an explosion so that it appears that Jamie has saved Salamander's life. Salamander then offers a job to Jamie and Victoria, who is posing as his girlfriend, in gratitude.

Astrid meets with Denes under a jetty. He agrees with her that Salamander is dangerous and approves of the plan to get Jamie into his retinue.

Salamander confronts Fedorin with documents showing he is corrupt. Fedorin insists they are fake, but Salamander tells him he will keep the scandal quiet if Fedorin replaces Denes. He tells Fedorin that a disaster is about to happen. He cannot prevent it, but he will take control once it happens. Denes will be disgraced and then assassinated. As they talk, the volcanoes begin to erupt, to Salamander's delight.

Bruce arrives and Salamander urges him to watch as the eruptions kill thousands. Denes arrives and angrily accuses Salamander of causing the eruptions. Salamander orders Denes arrested for not listening to his warnings and now has Fedorin to use against Denes…