Doctor Who (1963)

Season 5 Episode 19

The Enemy of the World, Episode 3

Aired Saturday 5:15 PM Jan 06, 1968 on BBC

Episode Recap

Salamander has Denes placed under arrest and takes Fedorin back to his office. He promises to keep his files secret and gives Fedorin a container of poison to use on Denes.

Bruce finds Jamie and demands to know what Salamander and Kent were discussing but Jamie won't tell him. Bruce makes sure that Denes is treated humanely.

Victoria meets with the ill-tempered cook, Griffin. When he leaves, Fariah tries to tell Victoria to leave. Jamie arrives and reports that they are working to rescue Denes. Jamie and Victoria believe Salamander has engineered the situation to take control away from Denes.

Kent is also convinced the Salamander has caused the volcanic eruptions. There has been a pattern of natural disasters that let Salamander put his people in charge. When Kent became suspicious, he was discredited by forged documents. Benik arrives and tries to force Kent to leave by wrecking his caravan.

Astrid arrives at Salamander's base, pretending to have a message for him. Denes helps her get past the guards. She tells Jamie to cause a diversion so that she can rescue Denes. They try to sound out Fariah, who angrily tells them that she serves Salamander because she has to.

Victoria brings food to Denes, but Fedorin pretends she has forgotten the salt and uses the diversion to try to poison the food.

The Chief Guards report to Salamander about Astrid's arrival and seeing her earlier with Jamie and Victoria. Salamander orders her followed; he will deal with Jamie and Victoria.

Denes tucks into his meal, but is unharmed. Fedorin was unable to poison him. Salamander responds by poisoning Fedorin.

Jamie pretends to see someone sneaking around the house, rushes out and fires some shots. Astrid knocks out the guard and tries to escape with Denes but he is shot and Jamie and Victoria are captured. Salamander has seen through Jamie's ruse and has them taken away.

Bruce asks Salamander about being with Jamie in Kent's office. Salamander has no idea what he's talking about. They quickly realize that there is an impostor out there…