Doctor Who (1963)

Season 20 Episode 23

The Five Doctors

Aired Saturday 5:15 PM Nov 25, 1983 on BBC

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  • celebrating 20 years of a classic show with an overstuffed hodgepodge

    Unlike The Three Doctors, The Five Doctors has it's work cut out for it. We have 5 different incarnations & their companions to include along with old villains & the Time Lords. Not much room for a coherent story. Terrance Dicks had his work cut out for him especially since he wasn't sure which actors could participate. So many companions have little to do. This is really the 3 Doctors as hartnell is passed away by now & Tom Baker refused to be in it. Richard Hurdnall does a good job mimicking Hartnell, nice to finally see some of Shada to give the Baker Doctor something of an appearence. Troughton & Pertwee seem to be getting old as are some of the companions. I'm glad K9 just had a cameo, this proves K9 & Company is part of DW continuity. The Cybermen are over used thanks to Eric Saward and they get massacred several times. The Raston Warrior Robot was the best part, simple but effective. Pertwee's "action" scenes don't cut it. He saves sarah from a gentle slope that's supposed to be a cliff. The Gallifrey scenes are too sparce from previous stories set there. With only 2 suspects, of course Borusa is the traitor. I can understand why he needs the Doctor to get to the tomb but why all of them & why send in enemies too? Why is the 5th Doctor fading out in the beginning & why does it stop later? Overall, fun if you are a fan. Fun for the nostalgia. But so-so compared to the best of the shows stories.
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