Doctor Who (1963)

Season 10 Episode 26

The Green Death, Episode Six

Aired Saturday 5:15 PM Jun 23, 1973 on BBC

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  • A dated or perhaps prophetic story dealing with the ecology (& giant maggots and mad computers).

    DW goes green. Other Pertwee era stories mentioned concern over the environment but this story is the most overtly tree hugging (or fungus hugging). Two separate problems here for the Docotr & UNIT, the giant maggots & the diease they carry and the threat of Global Chemicals takingover the world. Also covered are the plight of coal miners in Wales who have all lost their jobs and hippie scientists who fight against pollution and corporate greed at the expense of people. The commune comes off very dated and one can't imagine the Brig hanging out there as he does during the story. They are growing mushrooms after all!! Since the BBC must have been quite liberal back then, the hippies are the heroes and they'll give all the coal miners jobs. All neatly solved. But they do back off blaming the corporations for the bad stuff by having a computer be the one polluting and globalizing (who knew that term then but they are on to it). I didn't find the maggots too interesting as the story's monsters. The giant fly was even worse. I don't think maggots have mouths like that, too mammalian. The story suffers from the usual six parter padding. Nice to see Yates go undercover. Could have done without Pertwee's goofy disguises. Jo Grant gets patronized by both the Doctor and Professor Jones. I liked Katy Manning in the role but she sure was made to look like a dummy. DW didn't embrace feminism until the next season with the intro of Sarah Jane (& that was not completely successful). The best part was the ending, a companion says goodbye and gets married off. Seen it before but this time the Doctor is bit put off & walks away from the happy crowd to go off on his own. You could see it as the Doctor was Jo's father figure who let her go to a man who is basically him but younger or read it as the Doctor was in love with Jo and is jealous as she leaves him. Quite a strong departure scene, the most effective up until that time.