Doctor Who (1963)

Season 6 Episode 14

The Invasion, Episode Four

Aired Saturday 5:15 PM Nov 23, 1968 on BBC

Episode Recap

Packard and his men move past the boxcar. Before the Doctor can investigate the movement in the crate, they hear Packard ordering Zoe and Isobel brought to the factory.

Vaughn tells Packard that he is keeping Watkins around because their allies fear his device, particularly its ability to generate emotional impulses. He points out to Packard that if their allies take over, everyone will be "converted" to inhuman creatures. Watkins' device gives them the ability to turn on their allies and the Doctor's machine would give them an escape route if things go wrong.

Jamie and the Doctor track Zoe's crate as UNIT watches from a circling helicopter. Vaughn comes over the PA and tells the Doctor he will deal with Zoe unless the Doctor surrenders within ten minutes.

The Doctor continues to search. Zoe and Isobel spot him and call out. The Doctor calls the Brigadier and tells him he will soon need rescue.

Vaughn sees the UNIT helicopter and orders Packard to get rid of it. The helicopter lowers a rope ladder to the Doctor, who is on the roof of a building. The Doctor lowers the ladder over the side to the room in which Zoe and Isobel are confined. Jamie clambers down to open the window and the girls climb free. Packard and his men open fire and climb to the roof as the Doctor's friends ascend to the helicopter. They escape just in time.

Vaughn berates Packard for his failure. He will now bring the invasion forward, to happen within 24 hours. He orders Watkins and his machine brought to London. Vaughn then places a call to the Ministry of Defense to General Rutledge. He tells the General to stop UNIT.

The Brigadier is confident the Ministry will support his actions. The Doctor tries to puzzle out what's going on and Captain Turner tells him there has been a recent rash of UFO sightings. The spaceships seem to disappear near Vaughn's factory. The Doctor believes the ships are delivering something that is smuggled in the crates to London. He must go back to the IE complex to find out what's going on.

The Doctor and Jamie use a canoe to enter the IE complex via the river. They find their way back to the shipping yard. They watch an IE employee open a crate and attach electrodes to the gauze-wrapped object within. A strange device sends power to it. As they watch, it is ripped open and a Cyberman emerges…
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