Doctor Who (1963)

Season 18 Episode 4

The Leisure Hive, Part Four

Aired Saturday 5:15 PM Sep 20, 1980 on BBC
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Pangol begins his plan for a rebirth of Argolis — a rebirth that will start by resuming their ancient war with the Foamasi.

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  • A new beginning for Doctor Who, the JNT era starts on a so-so note

    The new style is noticable. More glossy, not as cheap looking as season 17. Less overt silliness although Tom Baker still adds some ad libs. True sci-fi ideas which would get better as the season continued especially in Warrior's Gate & Logopolis. Baker did a good job being an old man. I just wasn't as engaged as I was with other stories. We didn't see much leisure going on on Argolis. Lots of talking in thier main office & the Recreation Chamber. The Fomasi look terrible. Why can't the Doctor understand their language? I thought he could always hear every alien thanks to the "Time Lord gift". In the end, the story becomes another "let's conquer the universe" type deal. The guest cast was pretty good, not an embarrassment like some in the previous season. Likable but not a classic or even great story in my book.moreless

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  • QUOTES (3)

    • Romana: The randomiser.
      The Doctor: What about it?
      Romana: Well, we can't just leave it here!
      The Doctor: Why not? I didn't like not knowing where we were to going to turn up next.
      Romana: Neither did the Black Guardian. That is the point of the thing.
      The Doctor: Well…
      Romana: The Black Guardian is a real threat!
      The Doctor: Some galactic hobo with ideas above his station. The cosmos is full of them!

    • The Doctor: There's been enough randomising on this job.
      Romana: Job? I thought it was meant to be a holiday!
      The Doctor: Well then, I'll be very glad to get back to work!

    • Foamasi: I am glad all this has ended so satisfactorily.
      The Doctor: If it has ended.
      Foamasi: With the arrest of those two, peace is restored.
      Romana: What the Doctor means is-
      The Doctor: You don't cross your bridges before they're hatched.

  • NOTES (1)

    • The TARDIS navigational randomiser is cannibalised to fix the tachyon generator on Argolis. It's just as well that the Doctor never used it much…